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Sony Vaio PC Gets the Axe: 5 Lines SNE Won’t Get Rid Of

Goodbye Sony Vaio and Reader e-books, but there are some businesses Sony will hold onto

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The Sony Vaio PC is Dead (5 Lines SNE Won’t Get Rid Of): Cameras

Sony-vaio-xperiaBut wait. Isn’t the camera industry in even worse trouble than the PC industry? If you’re going to kill the Sony Vaio PC, why wouldn’t you ditch the cameras too?

There are several reasons.

First, Sony has figured out that higher-end cameras are the only reason to buy a standalone camera instead of using the one in your smartphone. The company is going head-to-head with long-time industry leaders like Nikon, and it’s on fire. Its Alpha line is winning favor among prosumers, while its pricey RX1-R premium compact model has set new standards for what a pocketable camera can do.

Outside of the cameras themselves, Sony’s Xmor image sensor technology and Carl Zeiss lens are used for the cameras in its Xperia smartphones, and Sony has built a nice business supplying camera components to other smartphone makers. For example, you’ll actually find a Sony image sensor inside the iPhone 5s.

The company also recently released standalone camera zoom lenses that fit onto popular smartphones to replace their built-in camera with more powerful optics.

Camera sales may be sliding in general, but the camera division is still expected to represent $12.7 billion in business for Sony this year (almost as much as Xperia smartphones and tablets combined). This is one area where Sony’s products seem to be in the ascendancy.

So don’t expect the camera division to share the fate of the Sony Vaio PCs any time soon.

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