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What Social Media Site Will Kill Facebook?

FB stock reflects its top position among social media sites, but that dominance could change

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What Social Media Site Will Kill Facebook? Twitter

facebook-fb-stock-twtr-stockWhen you talk about Facebook threats, the one that’s most frequently cited these days is Twitter (TWTR). Twitter was made for the mobile age, it attracts a younger demographic than Facebook (according to Statista more than half of Twitter visitors last October were under 35), it has 232 million users, and it continues growing at a rapid pace.

Twitter appeals to mobile users who want to share what they think and what they see and do it quickly.

Facebook in comparison, is more mature, started on the desktop and is still adapting to a mobile world. It attracts an older demographic, and its growth in user base has slowed significantly.

Could Twitter actually kill Facebook? It’s not likely — at least not any time soon — although if younger users continue to choose Twitter over Facebook, that’s eventually going to cause a decline in Facebook’s user base, Facebook revenue and FB stock.

Business Insider thinks that, if Twitter had beat Facebook to the Instagram punch, that popular photo sharing capability combined with its Vine video sharing could have actually have dealt a fatal blow to FB stock.

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