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What Social Media Site Will Kill Facebook?

FB stock reflects its top position among social media sites, but that dominance could change

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What Social Media Site Will Kill Facebook? Path? Apple? Pheed?

facebook-fb-stock-pheedWait — no fair, that’s a bunch of names. And could any of those companies really field a social media network that people would ditch Facebook for en masse?

Path is probably best known for getting busted after copying and uploading contact info from users’ devices. But it remains a popular choice for the socially connected, with 20 million users, a fast growth rate and partnerships signed with telcos and hardware manufacturers.

Pheed is often compared to a Facebook for the younger generation, complete with the ability to access pay-per-view concerts on a mobile device — teens are downloading it like crazy.

Apple? Its shot at social media networks with Ping may have been a failure, but iPhone users are a core (and highly profitable) demographic for Facebook. If Apple decided to get serious about releasing its own social media site, FB stock would hardly react positively, and it could be the start of bigger problems for the current social media leader.

The point is, when it comes to what social media site will kill Facebook, the threat could come from anywhere.

It could be an established competitor in the social media space, like Twitter. But just as easily, it could be an app with a few million users that’s just picking up steam, a tech titan looking to a social media site as a new line of business or an overseas competitor that sets its sights on Western expansion.

If you own FB stock, it’s important to realize that threat is always there and always will be until Facebook no longer has all its eggs in the social media basket.

As of this writing, Brad Moon did not hold a position in any of the aforementioned securities.

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