Best Monster Movies on Netflix

These creature features are some of the best Netflix has to offer

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Best Monster Movies on Netflix: Sharknado

Monster Movies Sharknado 300x183 Best Monster Movies on NetflixIf you follow social media at all, this movie needs no introduction. But for anyone who isn’t glued to Twitter, Sharknado is the Sy-Fy channel original movie that became a phenomenon.

It isn’t likely to top any list of best monster movies if we’re talking about overall quality, but in terms of sheer, ludicrous B-movie fun, Sharknado blows its competition out of the shark-infested water. Don’t believe me? Just look at the premise: A massive hurricane strikes Los Angeles, flooding the city and ravaging it with tornadoes filled with sharks — sharknados.

As the film’s tagline puts it: Enough said.

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