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Intel NUC Review: INTC’s Mini PC Packs a Punch

This PC kit is cheap, but quickly gets expensive as you add required components

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Intel NUC Review: This Mini PC Packs a Punch

Intel makes sure you know exactly who makes this Mini PC. As soon as you open the box, you’re greeted with the Intel “chime.” Just make sure the box is closed securely after you’ve unpacked everything, or that chime is going to play repeatedly –presumably until the battery finally dies.

Intel NCU is the Mini PC beside my iPhone
Source: Brad Moon

Speaking of unpacking everything, that’s not a long process. The Intel NUC itself is a tiny box (the photo shows it beside my iPhone 4s), there’s a power brick and an instruction pamphlet. That’s it.

To make this Mini PC virtually invisible, it includes a built-in VESA mount so it can be bolted to the back of a monitor or TV set.

Despite the diminutive size, this is a powerful device. The review unit was powered by the latest Core i5 CPU with Intel HD Graphics 5000. The company describes it as being “as small as a game controller, as powerful as a jackhammer.”

I’m not sure about the jackhammer, but the Intel NUC is definitely capable of driving a home theater system or covering basic home and business computing needs.

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