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Your Action Mutlti-Pass: 4 Great Sci-Fi Movies on Netflix

See why sci-fi has become one of the most enduring genres

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Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

Star Trek Into DarknessStar Trek is one of the foundational franchises in science fiction history. The original 1966 TV series was a groundbreaking show that spawned even more shows and a dozen feature films. So it’s well worth checking out for any fan of sci-fi movies.

Star Trek Into Darkness follows the 2009 reboot that redefined the USS Enterprise and its crew, without ignoring the franchise’s long history. Into Darkness might be a bit disappointing to longtime fans of the show and movies, due to liberal recycling of older plots. But for anyone who just wants an entertaining, exciting sci-fi romp, Into Darkness certainly delivers.

Oh, and Netflix denizens will likely appreciate Benedict “Sherlock” Cumberbatch’s performance as the villain of the film.

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