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Your Action Mutlti-Pass: 4 Great Sci-Fi Movies on Netflix

See why sci-fi has become one of the most enduring genres

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The Fifth Element (1997)

Fifth ElementFull disclosure: The Fifth Element stars two of my favorite actors in a film directed by the guy who made The Professional, so I was always going to love it in spite of its flaws. And while it does have plenty of flaws, it’s still an entertaining movie, and worth your time.

The film stars Bruce Willis as an ex-special forces taxi driver who gets dragged into a war for Earth when a great evil threatens the planet. Backing up Willis is the reigning queen of kick-ass, Milla Jovovich, who manages to steal every scene as the “supreme being” and last remaining weapon against evil.

Gary Oldman is at his over-the-top best as Zorg, working alongside the ultimate villain.

The whole film is filled with campy fun, with costumes designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier and old-school creature effects that worked so well in the original Star Wars films. If you don’t mind the general over-the-top attitude, The Fifth Element makes for one of the most fun sci-fi movies on Netflix.

Adam Benjamin is an Assistant Editor at InvestorPlace and longtime science-fiction fan. 

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