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3 Cheap Large-Cap Stocks Under $15

These are more speculative plays than many other large-caps, but they could pay off in spades

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There’s no actual difference if a large-cap stock presents a value at a price $15 or $1,500. You decide if you want to buy the stock, then purchase the amount you wish to hold in dollars and cents. Share count is irrelevant. What matters when it comes to cheap stocks isn’t the absolute-dollar basis, but the valuation basis.

cheap large-cap stocks to buyNevertheless, I admit to some attraction regarding large-cap stocks that are cheap on an absolute-dollar basis. It suggests that the stock is so out of favor that you can pick up many shares of it for very little money, then dispose of it in little pieces as the stock rises. (Whereas a large-cap company with a high nominal price would be difficult to dispose of in pieces.)

So, here’s the best of both worlds: three large-cap stocks that are cheap both on a valuation basis and a nominal basis:

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