FB News: Beware the ‘Facebook Lottery’ Scam

One woman lost hundreds of dollars to the scam


The Facebook (FB) lottery is a new scam to watch out for.

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The scam starts out with an account from someone who claims to be a Facebook administrator, or possibly a fake account copying a friend, sending a friend request. After this, they will tell the user that accepted the request that they’ve won the Facebook lottery. Following this, the user is prompted to give them a handling fee to claim their prize, reports WATE-TV.

One Facebook user was caught by the new scam and lost hundreds of dollars because of it. She warns everyone to not be friends with these accounts and to never give them money. She shared her experience in an effort to keep it from happening to others, WATE-TV notes.

Facebook’s security tips page mentions several ways to help users protect their accounts. One of the ways that the company lists to keep an account safe is to never click on or download anything suspicious.

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