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3 Stocks to Love Thanks to Insider Buying

Insider buying is often a big vote of confidence for you to buy

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Who doesn’t love insider buying? The beauty of insider buying is that few insiders are going to risk their own capital on their own stock if they believe the stock is going to crash. Outside of limited exceptions, where crazy-rich people engage in insider-buying as a PR tactic to keep a stock afloat when it likely will crash, insider buying is as close to a vote of confidence as you’ll get from a company.

stock chart dividend stocksThink about the psychology of insider buying a little more. Actions speak louder than words. A company officer or spokesman can say anything in a press release about how great things are. However, if those words translate into insider buying, then you know they actually believe what they are saying.

If the insider buying is particularly large, the implication is particularly bullish. It suggests that, out of all the possible places that this officer could invest his or her money, he has chosen to do so in this very company.

With that in mind, here are some recent insider moves to take note of:

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