Google, Yahoo Team Up on Encrypted Email

Encrypted emails could come next year


Google (GOOG) and Yahoo (YHOO) are teaming up to offer encrypted emails as early as next year.

google-yahoo-encrypted-email-goog-stock-yhoo-stockGoogle and Yahoo are hoping to use a version of PGP encryption to make users’ email unreadable by others. PGP encryption is a tool that no one has found a way to crack. The encryption of emails would make it so that hackers, the government and even the two email providers couldn’t read emails that have been encrypted, reports The Wall Street Journal.

The encryption tool that Yahoo and Google will be using on emails won’t be turned on automatically. Instead, users will have to turn it on themselves. PGP is a difficult tool to use because current version of it require users to have an encryption key stored on the device they are using at the time, WSJ notes.

Earlier this week, Google announced that it was going to start moving websites that are encrypted up in its search results. This acts as an incentive for websites to protect their users’ data.

Both GOOG and YHOO shares were up slightly as of Friday afternoon.

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