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Paint Your Pockets Green With SHW Options

While Sherwin-Williams is reeling from an earnings miss, it still has enough technical support to make this bullish options trade successful. Read Article

More Sorrow Ahead for Joy Global

Basic materials stocks have been dismal this year ... and the pain isn't over for Joy Global. Here's a conservative way to play for more downside. Read Article

Options: Back in the Straddle

Using a short straddle -- selling both calls and puts against a position -- can give you solid income and a solid hedge even if the options execute. Read Article

GOOG Volatility Is Making Options Silly-Cheap

Even if you don't have a particularly strong stance on Google, its options are getting too cheap to ignore. Consider this straddle covering the next two months. Read Article

BB&T: A Simple Trade for a Simple Chart

Regional financial stock BB&T (BBT) is showing a straightforward chart and is getting fuel from strong fundamental performance. Don't overthink this. Go long. Read Article

Amazon: Primed for a Post-Earnings Pop?

A controlled pullback from all-time highs indicates that Amazon has baked in warnings from GOOG and EBAY. That could help AMZN after earnings, fueling this options trade. Read Article

Gold Likely Will Turn South at This Crossroads

Bulls and bears alike will be watching gold's $1,350 zone with rapt attention. Those with a negative view could front-run a potential breakdown with this simple options play. Read Article

If You Want to Play Facebook Earnings, You’ll Need Guts

The crossroads of Wall Street optimism for Facebook earnings and FB's history of disappointment is reason for caution, but aggressive traders might consider this contrarian play. Read Article

Apple Earnings — Shrewd Options Plays Are Tough to Come By

All eyes are on Apple earnings tonight -- but options traders should be sitting on their hands headed into what looks to be a ho-hum event. Read Article

2 Options Plays Going Into Apple Earnings

Amid a dearth of product launches, Apple's Q3 earnings report could end up being a yawner. Consider these options plays for just such an event -- and an AAPL slide. Read Article

Rest Your Wallet on Chipotle’s Laurels

Chipotle's recent sunny earnings news and technical support should keep CMG afloat long enough to make this bullish put spread profit. Read Article

Netflix Could Soar If Earnings Surprise the Sourpuss Crowd

The sentiment backdrop to Netflix's Monday afternoon earnings report is awash with negativity -- but a surprise would be the spark this options trade needs. Read Article

Google Gap Spells Opportunity for Dip-Buyers

Google stock's post-earnings reaving might be short-lived, if Friday's quick bounceback is any indication. Consider this options spread trade for a further rebound. Read Article

Oil’s Surge Has Spilt Into Energy Stocks

Oil’s newfound strength is helping to boost the energy sector, which hasn’t exactly scored stellar gains of late. Take advantage via options on the OIH. Read Article

McDonald’s Earnings: Make Money With Just a Little Wiggle

I wouldn't expect McDonald's to move much around its upcoming earnings report ... but it doesn't need to for these options plays to put coin in your pocket. Read Article

A Low-Risk Entry Beckons in Bonds

With TLT resting so close to resistance, a low-risk entry point has presented itself to those looking to exploit a continued slide in bonds. Here's one options trade to explore. Read Article

Get Ready to Ride the Google Rocket

A positive earnings report tonight could send Google shares into uncharted territory. Consider these two options plays -- one aggressive, and one conservative. Read Article

Expect Goldman Sachs to Stay Rock-Solid

Goldman Sachs is hardly new to adversity, and Tuesday's hiccup should be no exception. This credit spread banks on GS shaking off a little negativity. Read Article

Chancing It With IBM? Try This Trade

IBM's pre-earnings picture is plenty murky, but there are some high-risk/high-reward options opportunities if you're game. Read Article

Spread Out to Play a Continued Yahoo Comeback

Yahoo hits the earnings confessional tonight to let shareholders know whether the turnaround is still a go. Here's how to play YHOO before earnings. Read Article