11X Stock Market Accelerator Summit

Eric Fry reveals how an A.I.-based secret could make you up to 11 times RICHER on the same stocks you’re investing in now… without using options, leverage, or anything risky.

Wed, September 27 at 8:00PM ET

Calls, Puts & Options Trades

The Pros and Cons of a Global Bitcoin Bubble

Bitcoin may be the first global bubble, but there is still significant risk for cryptocurrency traders.

Tiffany Stock Still Looks Lackluster

Tiffany & Co. stock has shown weakness ever since its latest earnings report, and technical resistance could keep TIF down. Consider this options trade.

Small-Caps Look Due for a Stumble

An ominous pattern is emerging in the Russell 2000 -- selling call spreads lets you take advantage of the coming swoon.

Profit From the Bondpocalypse

While the next year for bond prices might not be as bleak as the past one, it is fair to say the path of least resistance is decisively down.

Bet on Big Blue’s Bleed Continuing

With the market and IBM currently not looking very bullish, it might be a tall order for IBM stock to move past resistance at $190 before this spread expires.

BRIC Weakness Weighs on Dr. Copper, FCX

Weakness in emerging markets is weighing on copper -- which likely will drag Freeport-McMoRan down with it. Consider this options trade to profit.

Use Baidu to Search for Options Gold

Baidu -- the "Chinese Google" -- has been on a tear for much of 2013, and though it has slowed in August, it has been forming a bullish base.

Is Mean Reversion Looming for Bonds?

Given how much interest rates have already rallied, it’s certainly worth pondering how much of the Fed’s taper has already been baked into the cake.

Get Bullish on Hoppy Williams-Sonoma

It looks like any bad news that Williams-Sonoma (WSM) might report tonight is already being anticipated. Go contrarian with this bull call spread.

War Drums Awaken the Oil Bulls

The deep thrum of Washington's war drums unleashed a herd of bulls into the energy market, driving up oil (USO) upside volatility. Exploit this with options.

Expect No Joy From Joy Global’s Earnings

Joy Global is set to report earnings tomorrow, and the likely outcome is the same pain that's haunted heavy mining equipment operators for some time.

Let Raytheon Build Your Bottom Line

Raytheon has been right alongside defense stocks in their upward march of 2013, and with resistance recently falling, the sky's the limit. Consider this options trade.

2 Options Trades to Bail on Facebook

Original Facebook shareholders who are glad to see Facebook stock near its first-day highs but are ready to get the heck out should consider one of two options plans.

Exxon Stock Plunge Beckons the Bulls

The oversold conditions in Exxon Mobil are just begging for a trade. Consider this simple play to take advantage of surprisingly inexpensive options.

Sit Back and Trade Netflix Stock

Netflix is turning the $260 area from resistance into potential support, which should help prop up this NFLX credit spread.

A Lesson in Swapping Large-Premium Options

Rolling over expensive options several months out can yield more than holding the underlying stock.

Amazon Stock Could Be Stabilizing

If the broader market discontinues its bearish behavior and Amazon stock is able to hold this support level, a bullish play could be worth a shot.

2 Trade Blueprints for Home Depot Options

If you're inclined to make a Home Depot options bet heading into earnings, I suggest mitigating your risk with a vertical spread. Consider these two trades.

Perk Up With a Green Mountain Trade

Green Mountain (GMCR) has technical support at $70 and plenty of bullish headlines to keep it afloat -- a perfect storm for this options trade.