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Calls, Puts & Options Trades

Earnings Loom for Rocketing Rite Aid

Earnings announcements can be a volatile devil quick to steal shareholders’ profits, so with Rite Aid's report on the horizon, RAD shareholders should get protective. Read Article

Emerging Markets Are a Big Drag on Metals

The XME looks poised for continued underperformance -- this options play looks to take advantage of that scenario. Read Article

Go Long and Soar to Profits With Boeing

Now that Boeing's Dreamliners are back in the air again, the stock has been taking off too. Use long calls to cash in on the momentum. Read Article

‘Fear Index’ Got You Scared? Don’t Be.

The VIX swung wildly last week as investors took on more "insurance" than needed. Our objective system can profit from this kind of emotion-driven trading. Read Article

Can’t Afford High-Flying Stocks? Try Options

The rampaging stock market is leaving many investors simply priced out of high-flying stocks. Thankfully, options can get them back in the game. Read Article

Volatility Has Entered the Building!

The lift in implied volatility is increasing the appeal of option-selling strategies like individual credit spreads and iron condors. Consider these two SPY trades. Read Article

How to Short Stocks Using Options

During the past few years, I’ve run up against the problem of not being able to find shares to short. The solution? Deep-in-the-money puts. Read Article

Sina’s Best Offense Is a Great Defense

Chinese online media stock Sina Corp. is sitting atop a number of technical supports that should help this options trade pay off. Read Article

Play the Shifting Momentum in Gold Miners

A few promising signs have formed during the past month, hinting at the potential for at least a short-term tradable bottom in the beleaguered GDX. Read Article

Brew Up a Winner With GMCR

This stock is piping-hot again -- take a look at this June call spread to take advantage of the renewed strength. Read Article

A Breakout Looms in Western Refining

The stock is poised for a breakout after months of consolidation -- here are two options strategies to take advantage of the coming move. Read Article

Profit From the Bond Bulls’ Misfortune

Aggressive traders looking to profit from the misfortune of bond bulls have a handful of bond ETFs to choose from. Consider this potential trade in the TBT. Read Article

Charge Ahead With a Visa Credit Spread

The stock has strong underlying support -- this income play pays if the stock stays above $169.45 through June expiration. Read Article

2 Ways to Adjust to Beaten-Down Utilities

Given how far utilities have fallen, now is not the time for those with bearish positions to rest on their laurels. Here are two ways to roll your XLU options. Read Article

The Shampoo Rocket Ship J&J Hits Turbulence

After months of nonstop euphoria for Johnson & Johnson, the stock winds have changed. It's not necessarily time to sell, but you should get protective. Read Article

A Pivotal Test Looms for Market Leaders

Many extended stocks such as Google (GOOG) and Netflix (NFLX) have finally retraced to potential support levels. Here are two options plays hoping they'll rebound higher. Read Article

Wyndham Primed for a Bounce off Support

The fundamentals of Wyndham Worldwide are well and good, but the technicals are really giving WYN stock a bullish glow. All signs point to a simple call play. Read Article

2 Ways to Play a Mending Apple

A few technical patterns are making the case for a more stable AAPL. Depending on just how bullish you are, one of these two options trades might fit the bill. Read Article

An Opportunity Amid the Nikkei Crash

An overnight hammering of the Nikkei has opened up an options opportunity in the DXJ exchange-traded fund. Read Article

How to Sell Naked Puts for Big Income

Selling naked puts against undervalued stocks can generate significant income. Here are three recent examples of how this trade can work. Read Article