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How to Use Options to Unwind a Bad Trade

Short-term trading is great to boost your overall performance, but if those trades go bad, use options trading to claw back instead of throwing in the towel. More 

How to Make Winning Trades With Options Volatility

Understanding how options volatility works can help you make winning trades on both sides of the ball. More 

Options Help You Make Big Money With Limited Risk

Even if you consider yourself a stock investor, it pays to understand the world of options. And adding new weapons to your arsenal will make you more rounded. More 

Use Volatility Skews to Gauge Trader Sentiment

There's a handy free tool on the CBOE website that you can use to gauge option traders' sentiment on a particular stock. More 

Reducing Your Risk in Options Trading

There's are very simple things you can do when trading options to reduce your risk More 

Implied Volatility and Earnings

Wade Hansen walks you through how implied volatility plays out leading up to and after an earnings trade to help you avoid any pitfalls. More 

An Introduction to Option Greeks

Options Greeks are factors that affect options pricing that traders must at least be aware of. More