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Alibaba Group Holding Ltd Shares are on the Ropes

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd shares are stumbling. Here are the price levels to watch in BABA stock and how to profit from continued weakness. Read Article

Alphabet Inc Looks Wimpish Heading Into 2018

Analysts are raising concerns about Alphabet's ad revenue growth, leaving GOOGL stock with few drivers heading into 2018. Read Article

Why Costco Wholesale Corporation Stock Is Still Worth a Look

Go long COST stock into its earnings event, but build a fence around it. Sell Costco puts for the mid-term, but profit from short-term dips. Read Article

The Bitcoin-Bubble-Based Rally In Inc Is Over

Highly correlated to bitcoin, Overstock (OSTK) provides a safer and saner way to take a short position against the crypto craze. Read Article

Bet on Under Armour Inc’s Continued Rebound

UA stock is still very much out of fashion, but a playable rebound is already underway for bullish Under Armour contrarians. Read Article

Trade of the Day: iShares Russell 2000 Index (IWM)

The companies that are going to benefit the most from the tax bill are the small-cap companies, which means that they may have a bullish advantage over the rest of the market. Read Article

Trade of the Day: Goldman Sachs Group Inc Clears the Hurdle

GS stock on Tuesday hurdled itself above a key technical area of resistance and now Goldman Sachs looks to have renewed upside momentum. Read Article

Why Square Inc Stock Is Ready to Break Out

After a harrowing descent, Square Inc shares are finally carving out a bottom. Heres how to capitalize with SQ naked puts. Read Article

Activision Blizzard, Inc. Stock Investors Need to Put Pro Gaming on Their Radar

If you own or are about to buy ATVI stock, its deeper foray into the eSports world will certainly impact Activision Blizzard in the future. Read Article

The Microsoft Corporation Bull Run Isn’t Over — Another 200% Gain Is Waiting

Microsoft is rebounding after testing key technical support. It's time to rid the bull run in MSFT stock higher heading into 2018. Read Article

How to Trade Nike Inc Stock As It Runs Higher

Traders bought the NKE stock dip and now there is a chance the rally will continue. Profit from the potential in Nike with room to spare. Read Article

Buy Costco Wholesale Corporation While It’s Down

Bargain shopping in Costco may be hard to come by, but a bullish modified spread in COST stock looks well-priced in front of earnings. Read Article

Trade of the Day: Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. (BBBY)

Like everything else in retail, BBBY is suffering from increased competition from Amazon (AMZN) and a shift towards online shopping. Read Article

Trade of the Day: Microsoft Corporation Scores a Breakout

On Dec. 11, MSFT stock scored a technical breakout of a multi-week consolidation phase. Active traders and investors now have a new opportunity. Read Article

How to Use Liquidity Ratios to Find Underperforming Stocks

Why should I care about my stock's Current Ratio or Inventory Turnover? What about its Cash Conversion Cycle or Cash Ratio? Read Article

Bitcoin Futures May Be a Validator But the Investment is Still Dangerous

Bitcoin futures are stoking a raging bull market and make the cryptocurrency THE topic of conversation. But things are getting to bubble levels and investors should really be cautious. Read Article

3 of the Best Trades on the Street

Stocks are primed for more upside ahead of this week's Fed Meeting. Here are three of the best trades on the Street: DIS, MSFT and CRZO. Read Article

Beware the Tesla Inc Stock Death Cross

Negative sentiment is piling up on TSLA stock and the new tax plan could hurt it. Add in a "death cross," and things look grim for Tesla. Read Article

There’s Still More to Gain With Kinder Morgan Inc Stock

KMI has been a falling knife for five years. But there still is room to sell risk against support levels to generate income from nothing. Read Article

Say ‘Good Bye’ to the General Motors Company Bears!

A good tire-kicking of General Motors suggests buying a moderately bullish range position is the smart play in GM stock. Read Article