Day trading may be the world’s most difficult (read: impossible) profession. But our savviest financial analysts, including former and current portfolio managers, know a thing or two about positioning smartly in a trade. InvestorPlace’s trading advice runs the gamut from how to trade into the earnings print to employing complex butterfly spreads, so that you can minimize risk and maximize reward.

Trading Opportunities

Expecting a Delivery of More Profits from UPS

Because we want to be cautious about our exposure to consumer stocks right now – especially with employment suffering – we are looking to take advantage of the dip with a bullish trade on United Parcel Services (NYSE:UPS).

An Early-Stage, Hypergrowth Company at the Epicenter of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Nike is the Perfect Athleisure Play

The New Era of Observability Will Push this Stock Higher

The One Stock to Buy for All Big Tech Developments

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