Trading Advice

Many investors have no idea how options works. At InvestorPlace, we believe that you should know the difference between a put and a call. Our financial analysts will show you which stocks are ripe for swing trades, how to position your portfolio to minimize your risk, and which breakout stocks you can trade for “free” using the options market.

Now Is a Great Time to Buy Square Stock

It's time for the company’s longer-term growth narrative to make a big-time positive impact for SQ stock investors.

3 Wild Stocks to Trade This Week

The earnings reactions to IBM, NFLX and BAC will likely carry momentum for a few more weeks. Be sure to watch these stocks to trade.

A Pair Trade With Lyft Is the Only Safe Way to Buy Uber Stock

Ridesharing IPOs have been abysmal investments up to this point. But investors can mitigate the risk of buying UBER stock by pairing it with a short position in Lyft.

Alibaba Stock is a Strong Buy Now — More Than Ever Before

Despite the abundant headline risks, Alibaba stock is readying itself for bullish investors to enjoy the benefits of capitalism.

3 Undervalued Stocks to Buy According to Goldman Sachs

Of the undervalued stocks that Goldman Sachs recently thrust into the spotlight, these three are the most promising stocks to buy. Here's what you need to know about each.

Why You Should Target a Short Position With Target Stock

Target stock is overbought and overvalued, which means it's time to short TGT as a pullback likely looms in the coming weeks.

3 Blue-Chip Stocks to Buy In October

Blue-chip stocks offer investors the safety of income, but well-positioned price charts and proper buying strategies make them more secure investments.

Avoid Cronos Group Stock Even After Yesterday’s Cannabis Carnage

Health impact of vaping makes CRON stock a concern from a regulatory and growth perspective. Keep it on the investment radar, but shares aren't likely to trend higher anytime soon.

iQiyi Stock Is Really Not the Next Netflix

The business environment isn’t going to get any better at iQiyi. Don't be tempted by the IQ stock price chart. It's not the next Netflix.

3 Strong Stocks to Buy

Stock Indexes are struggling but some stalwarts are rallying regardless. Here are three muscle-flexing, relative strength toting stocks to buy.

3 Airline Stocks to Trade Now

Three airline stocks to trade now are DAL, UAL and LUV. They are stuck in a range but all three have clear opportunity lines to trade.

No More Waiting — Buy Roku Stock Today

Now there’s a way to gain exposure to many of today’s market leaders thanks to the buyable bottom on ROKU's price chart.

3 Lesser-Known Big Data Stocks for Big Profits: AYX, SPLK and MDB

AI, machine learning and big data stocks are secular trends that promise big future growth and bigger profits today for Alteryx, Splunk and MongoDB investors

Where, Why and How to Buy INTC Shares

Wars of all types are in play in INTC, but so are solid fundamentals and a supportive price chart for bullish investors

Aurora Cannabis Stock Is Down, But Not Dead

As cannabis stocks have come back down to Earth, darlings like ACB stock have taken a hit. But the future for Aurora Cannabis looks bright.

American Airlines Stock Is Finally Ready to Take Off

American Airlines is undervalued fundamentally and oversold technically. AAL stock is ready to lift off over the coming months.

Over $1 Trillion, It Is Time to Short Apple Stock

Apple stock is now overvalued and overloved as it approaches all-time highs. It's time to take some shine off the big Apple.

The Real Story That is Driving ROKU Stock

While the volatility impacting the Roku stock price has certainly been ugly, the underlining reality is that the streaming company has established a firm reputation for beating much larger rivals in the space.

IBM or GPRO — Which Tech Stock Looks Better to Buy?

Depending on how you like your risk assets, both IBM stock and GPRO shares could be positioned for much stronger performances in the fourth quarter and beyond.

Why You Should Go Short AMZN Stock

It’s time to respect bearish tendencies and a well-positioned AMZN price chart by going short Amazon stock using ironclad protection