Trading Advice

Many investors have no idea how options works. At InvestorPlace, we believe that you should know the difference between a put and a call. Our financial analysts will show you which stocks are ripe for swing trades, how to position your portfolio to minimize your risk, and which breakout stocks you can trade for “free” using the options market.

3 Auto Stocks to Trade, 2 Buys and 1 Short

The price charts in auto stocks Tesla, General Motors and Nio point strongly at profits to come for bulls and bears.

This Is Why Peloton Stock Remains a Buy

Respect the risks on full display this week in Peloton, but prepare to buy shares before joining the crowd in PTON stock.

Sorry Bears, 2020 Will be Huge for Square Stock Investors

If it's comfortable praise you need, Square stock is a tough sell. But if it's profits you’re after, the choice to go long SQ stock is an easy one.

Qualcomm Stock Has Upside Opportunities Into 2020

Up 48% this year, Qualcomm stock is beating the S&P 500. With current support, it still has bullish setups to trade into year-end.

Why 2020 Could Be ‘It’ for Aurora Stock Bulls

Downside risks persist for Aurora stock and the cannabis industry, but there may be more than just hope around tomorrow’s corner

Lululemon Stock Earnings: Expectations and Realities

Lululemon stock can often be volatile, but it might bring big rewards to the investors who take a chance on it.

3 Healthcare Stocks to Buy Before the End of 2019

The year-end success of the healthcare sector has led to several strong stocks to buy. Here are three of the best healthcare stocks to buy.

Smartly Avoid General Electric Stock Dividend for Capital Appreciation

Reassuring news that General Electric was keeping its dividend should move GE stock higher. But, profit-taking is likely to occur first.

Time to Remodel Your Portfolio With Home Depot Stock

Home Depot stock is finally finding some support after a sharp 10% drop. HD should begin to head higher over the coming weeks.

Here’s How the US-China Trade War is Helping Stock Bulls, Bears

Don’t attempt to trade volatile and varied headlines, invest your trust in a powerful trade war pattern setting up on the price chart of

Trade General Electric Stock With Confidence

The long-term bullish thesis on GE stock is easy. But the short-term charts offer many trading opportunities for both buyers and sellers.

Time to Short Alibaba Stock as It Hits $200

Alibaba stock is getting overextended on both a technical and fundamental basis even though tariff turmoil still lingers.

How to Follow the Money into Snapchat Stock

Snapchat has the backing and blessing of many on Wall Street, but is SNAP stock price a buy today?

3 Mega-Cap Stocks Worth Long-Term Bets

Through thick and thin there are a few mega-cap stocks to own for the long term. This means ignoring the short-term noise from headlines.

Shopify Has Gotten Too High – Time for SHOP to Drop

Shares of Shopify (NASDAQ:SHOP) have certainly had a great 2019 to date. SHOP is up 169% this year, far outpacing the solid gains of 30%...

Another December to Remember for Amazon Stock?

In some ways December 2019 is looking a lot like December 2018 in AMZN stock, but don’t count a Santa Claus rally out just yet.

Here’s Why Roku Stock Could Have December Downside Risk of 25% or More

A decisive downgrade and reaction from ROKU investors sets the stage for a larger corrective move and price target of $100 or better for bulls waiting to buy the inevitable

3 Momentum Stocks to Trade Before 2020

Netflix, Disney and Twitter are three momentum stocks to trade into year-end uncertainty. They are all fast movers in the markets.

The Best Ways to Hail a Ride in Lyft Stock

Don’t buy shares yet, but solid earnings and a supportive price chart make Lyft stock a name to put on the radar for a couple risk-adjusted long entries.

Gold Stocks and GLD Will Glitter Again

A pullback has ushered in some over-the-top death-to-gold stocks sensationalism. But don’t believe it for a second, buy into it on the monthly chart.