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Many investors have no idea how options works. At InvestorPlace, we believe that you should know the difference between a put and a call. Our financial analysts will show you which stocks are ripe for swing trades, how to position your portfolio to minimize your risk, and what are the top stocks to trade this week.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Microchip Stocks in the Near Future

There are numerous reasons for why investors should avoid microchip stocks. Here are some of the most critical considerations.

3 Momentum Investing Strategies to Ride 2024’s Biggest Trends

Momentum investing strategies can be a great way for you to spot hidden opportunities in the market. Here's what to consider.

Contrarian Investor? Get Ready to Profit With These 3 Short-Squeeze Stocks

These three short squeeze stocks promise healthy profits and should be at the top of every contrarian investor's watchlist today.

CPRI, SGEN, VMW: Why These 3 Stocks Are on the Tip of Bill Gross’ Tongue

Bill Gross, the Bond King, is wading into the world of equity arbitrage with these three stocks - but are they worth the risk for investors?

3 Ways to Invest In Property Without Buying a House

The stock market offers opportunities to invest not only in income-generating property portfolios but also property market beneficiaries. Benefits include a much smaller upfront investment.

3 Homebuilder Stocks Poised to Crash and Burn

Indeed, amid this year's market turmoil, homebuilder stocks have stayed strong, despite predicted market troubles. Even still, lagging indicators may now be reflecting reality.

Why These 3 Stocks Are the Worst Ways to Play Quantum Computing Right Now

Quantum computing stocks are having a moment. The industry's leading pure play company, IonQ (NYSE:IONQ), up nearly 400% year to date (YTD), has plenty of…

Climate Calamities: Why These 3 Insurance Stocks Are Risky Bets Now

Here's why these three insurance stocks aren't worth the risk, despite their low valuations and attractive dividend yields.

The Top 3 Cannabis Stocks by Market Cap: Buy, Sell or Hold?

Cannabis stocks are well off past highs, but these three remain in the right with the highest market caps in the industry. Which is best?

3 Space Stocks You Better Be Buying on Each and Every Dip

Some of the best picks in the space sector could launch to higher highs over the long term. Especially if analysts are right about the…

3 Oil Stocks to Buy Before the Bull Market Returns

A market recovery will bring buyers back to the energy sector. Here are the top oil stocks to buy now before the bull market returns.

3 Troubled Tech Stocks to Sell Now

The market is making buy decisions much easier these days, but avoid the temptation of playing darts with these riskier tech stocks to sell.

3 Cheap Oil Stocks to Consider Now

Oil prices are stabilizing, and the energy sector is recovering. Here are three cheap oil stocks to pick up now.

3 Energy Stocks to Sell Now

Sliding oil prices have the energy sector under pressure. Here are three energy stocks to sell now and steps that traders can take.

3 Large-Cap Stocks to Sell Now

These industry giants look vulnerable heading into earnings season. And that makes them all top large-cap stocks to sell.

3 Deeply Oversold Growth Stocks to Buy

Growth stocks have been destroyed over the past year, but a rebound is brewing. Here are the top oversold growth stocks to buy now.

Shopify Stock Is Finally Worth a Buy

Shopify's stock split news hasn't done much for investors, but SHOP stock is setting up to be a buy regardless.

Opendoor Stock Is Worth a Closer Look Now

Softer real estate prices and higher rates hint at challenges for Opendoor, but there are reasons to be bullish toward OPEN stock long term.

Exxon Mobil Stock Is a Buy Once Again After a Punishing Pullback

XOM stock is now back in the buy zone. Take advantage and get paid to be patient with a defined risk put credit spread.