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Trading Advice

It’s Time for Red Hat Stock Bears to Strike Back

For traders appreciative of growing downside risk in RHT stock, Red Hat’s options market enables promising opportunties for profits. Read Article

Netflix Stock Is Ready to Rally Higher

Netflix shares are itching for a breakout. Here's how to double your money with a NFLX stock trade. Read Article

The Micron Stock Selloff Is Utterly Unreasonable — Buy MU Here

The U.S.-China trade war will end soon and MU stock remains a value play as macroeconomic conditions are still favorable to growth for chipmakers like Micron. Read Article

Bunge Stock Is Ready to Make a Big Leap Forward in 2018

Bunge stock has had a difficult 2018, but it could offer some sizable gains later down the road. Here's what you need to know about BG. Read Article

Trade of the Day: Etsy, Inc. (ETSY)

Both the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones set new all-time highs yesterday, and the S&P 500 Volatility Index (VIX) closed below the 12 level at 11.80, which is a positive sign. That tells me that traders are feeling comfortable at current levels, so I am going to recommend a bullish trade today on Etsy, Inc. (NASDAQ:ETSY) to play the current rally in stocks. Read Article

The Recent Rally in Caterpillar Stock Has Reached an Extreme

Caterpillar shares have come too far, too fast. Look for the red hot rally in CAT stock to cool in the coming weeks. Read Article

Square Up and Buy SQ Stock

Traders finally have a chance to buy Square shares at a discount. Here's how to game the pullback with SQ stock options. Read Article

The Sequel to Disney Stock’s Breakout Will Be Huge!

The House of Mouse has been quiet, but 2019 should see a bullish sequel and a great environment for DIS stock. Read Article

But Don’t Miss This Buying Opportunity in Red Hat Stock

Red Hat stock is tanking on earnings, but short-term hiccups are to be expected while Red Hat's management continues to execute on long-term plans. Go long RHT stock here. Read Article

Keep Making Money in Advanced Micro Devices

The rise in Advanced Micro Devices is pausing, but that doesn't mean you can't still profit. Here's how to approach AMD stock. Read Article

Trade of the Day: Home Depot, Inc. (HD)

We are opening a new bullish trade on Home Depot (NYSE:HD). The economics of business success always boil down to the simple concepts of supply and demand and, right now, HD is providing the supply of home-repair products and services while Hurricane Florence is providing the demand for those products and services. Read Article

Trade of the Day: Bank of America Offers a Bullish Trade

On Wednesday BAC stock rallied 2.6% as the banks received a bid. A trade higher now seems to be in the cards. Read Article

Safely Trade Bank of America Stock in These Uncertain Times

Bank of America is a premier bank and BAC stock will lead the pack as interest rates continue to rise. Read Article

Apache Corporation Stock Is Set for a Strong Comeback

APA stock has had a choppy 2018, but it could offer some sizable gains later down the road. Here's what Apache investors need to know. Read Article

The Shine Is Starting to Come Back on Apple Stock

After a sharp selloff, Apple stock is looking more attractive both fundamentally and technically. Be ready to buy AAPL on any further dips. Read Article

2 Bank Stocks to Trade: Buy JPMorgan, Short Goldman Sachs

Use the options market and a long/short strategy in bank stocks JPM and GS to better grow or preserve your bank roll. Read Article

3 Big Stock Charts for Wednesday: DISH Network, BorgWarner and Procter & Gamble

The stocks charts of PG, BWA and DISH are your best bets, setting up trends many people are overlooking. Here's a closer look at each. Read Article

Trade of the Day: Apple Stock Is in Mean-Reversion Mode

Apple stock now looks ripe to move toward a next lower price target that has plenty of relevance through the lens of technical analysis. Read Article

Build Yourself a Trade in Home Depot Stock

A momentum-fueled rally has descended on Home Depot stock. Here's how to capitalize with HD stock options. Read Article

FedEx Stock Will Recover — Expect a Profit Delivery Soon

Fundamentally, FDX is still a solid company. FedEx stock will bounce back from this setback. The company raised its outlook in confidence. Read Article