Trading Advice

Many investors have no idea how options works. At InvestorPlace, we believe that you should know the difference between a put and a call. Our financial analysts will show you which stocks are ripe for swing trades, how to position your portfolio to minimize your risk, and what are the top stocks to trade this week.

Where Growth Meets Value: 3 Stocks to Buy Amidst the Selloff

Keep a cool head, a watch list of stocks to buy and more importantly count the days to guard against entering a sick-looking market prematurely

Don’t Get Smoked by MO Stock’s Income Potential

MO stock has an attractive dividend and allure of being a safer investment, but that’s ignoring Altria's near three-year long bear market with no end in sight.

3 Semiconductor Stocks to Buy While the Chips Are Down

Semiconductor stocks are nearing support zones and offer killer payouts for options sellers. Here are three of the best trades to make today.

Zombies and Bears Beware, Alibaba Stock Will Still Defeat You!

A sick-looking market is even less healthy to kick off the week, but amid the panic, Alibaba stock remains a name to pick up on weakness.

Where and When to Shovel GDX into Your Portfolio

GDX hasn’t proven immune to the wrath of COVID-19, but there are good reasons beyond the selling pressure for investors to monitor shares for purchase

3M Stock’s Been Cut in Half… but Oversold and Cheap Doesn’t Make it Good

3M's technicals and fundamentals are deteriorating. Here's how to profit on MMM stock with a bearish options spread.

2 Stocks to Buy and 1 Stock to Sell for a Market Rebound

You can keep Apple or Microsoft on your trading screen, but these stocks to buy and sell may be more important in today’s bear market.

3 Limited-Risk Ways to Buy the Blood in the Streets

Thursday's crash was laced with historic levels of fear, and that should have contrarians perking up. Here are three limited-risk trades to bank on a rebound.

Don’t Get Suckered Into Trading Roku Stock

Roku stock hasn’t lived up to its promise as a COVID-19 play, but shares are still very much worth watching for longer-term growth investors

Stay Away from Qualcomm Stock for Now

Tech stocks like Qualcomm have fallen into downtrends and need the Nasdaq to stop crashing before order can be restored.

How to Trade Amazon Stock Right Now

Amazon stock has matched the decline in the Nasdaq, but its chart still looks better. Here's how I'd trade it right now.

AAL Stock Ready for Take Off After Crash Landing

AAL stock bounced off the lowest price it ever traded. Time to book a flight on American Airlines stock with a hedge to protect

3 Stocks Benefiting From the Coronavirus

There's always a bull market somewhere. And due to the coronavirus crisis, these three companies are some of the best stocks to buy now.

Why GE Stock Is Now a ‘Buy, Buy, Buy!’

Applaud the government’s latest efforts to combat an ill market, but more importantly appreciate a big-time opportunity in GE stock

Is Inovio Pharmaceuticals Stock the Cure for Your Portfolio?

Inovio Pharmaceuticals continues to rally on COVID-19 vaccine hopes, but overbought conditions and key challenges still make INO stock a risky proposition.

3 Newer Tech Stocks Poised to Lead Markets Higher

Friday is looking ill for the market, but away from the headlines plaguing investors select tech stocks are showing healthy signs of life for a better tomorrow

Why the AMD Stock Chart Is Still Broken Right Now

Sellers are once again running wild, and AMD stock is trading lower. With that in mind, here are the levels to watch and how to trade it.

Why CHK Stock Is Now Even More of a Sucker’s Bet

Don’t expect a reverse split for Chesapeake Energy isn’t going to save shareholders. Moreover, it’s more fuel for bearish shorting opportunities

3 Bearish Options Trades to Play Market Volatility

High volatility is here to stay. Here are three bearish-leaning options trades that allow you to stay above the chop.

How to Take Advantage of the Dip in Uber Stock

In the big picture, Uber stock is still higher despite last week's shenanigans. Here's how to buy the dip with a high probability of profit.