Options Education

Buy Options on Sleeping Stocks

When I look for options, I always look at stocks that are stuck in a channel technically. Here's why. More 

3 Steps to a 15% Covered Call Yield on Apple (AAPL)

With Apple (AAPL) earnings approaching, you're likely wondering how to make the most of it. Well, here's a strategy to make you money all year. More 

Why are Options Expensive?

Why would you want to go long options when there are costs that stocks just don't have? Find out in this video. More 

Options 101: Time Decay

Wondering which options expiration month to buy? Here's an explanation of how the time value waterfall depreciates options value. More 

Options 101: In-the Money, At-the-Money, Out-of-the-Money

Learn about option “moneyness” and find out when you can take profits. More 

Broker Basics

There's no one-size-fits-all broker, but in this video we give you a few things you need to consider when deciding which firm to do your trading with. More 

Options Expiration is Really on Friday Now

Many traders will hardly notice the change, but the OCC’s recent shift from a Saturday to Friday monthly expiration will save some headaches. More