Options Education

24/7 Trader Pro Panel

After a volatile week, what will the market throw at us next? No one has a crystal ball, but our InvestorPlace newsletter advisors share their predictions. More 

Learning Options? It Takes Patience and Paper Trading

There are arguments for and against paper trading before you begin the real thing...but either way, you'll be paying tuition as you learn the trading game. More 

Plan Your Exit for a Profitable Options Trade

If you don't plan for the worst-case scenario on all of your trades and allocate the right amount of capital for a Plan B, you're exposing your options portfolio to unnecessary risk. More 

Choosing the Best Strike Price

We look at one of our newest positions in SlingShot Trader to show you how we determine which options strike price is best. More 

Mini-Options Change the Game for Small Investors

This powerful tool gives the average investor the ability to deploy lucrative options strategies with minimal capital outlay. More 

Mini Options, Big Potential

Mini options are a new vehicle that control only 10 shares of the underlying stock per options contract rather than 100 -- meaning you need less capital to play big names like Apple (AAPL) that have expensive regular options. More 

4 Call Option Contenders

These four stocks are looking strong after M&A activity, and they're ripe for call option trades. More