10 Reasons to Book a Vacation Rental Instead of a Hotel


When it comes to planning a summer vacation, there are many decisions to make. Do you want to head to the beach, the mountains, a big city or a theme park? Will you drive, sail or fly? Will you plan a trip with the kids or opt for a romantic getaway? And, should you book a hotel room or a vacation rental?

Savvy mom blogger Jessica Turner, who offers her readers timely product reviews, money-saving tips and other sage advice at The Mom Creative, can help you answer that last question. After a recent family vacation to Hilton Head, Turner had such a positive experience staying in a three-bedroom condo, that she wrote 15 Benefits of a Vacation Rental.

Here’s a brief snapshot of 10 of Turner’s most convincing reasons to book a vacation rental.

  1. Laundry: Most vacation rentals are equipped with a washer and dryer, which means less suitcases to pack and manage.
  2. Cooking Space: Sure, it’s nice to eat at restaurants and run to Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) for an icy frappe while on vacation, but between food costs and tips, dinning out can be pricy. Many vacation rentals include full kitchens and are conveniently located close to grocery stores.
  3. Extra Space: Vacation rentals are often a home away from home and include living rooms, spacious closets and multiple bedrooms.
  4. Customer Service: Turner raved about the customer service she received when booking her family’s vacation rental through Wyndham‘s (NYSE:WYN) RestortQuest. We’ve also heard good things about HomeAway‘s (NASDAQ:AWAY) VRBO.com. Whether you choose one of those options or another trusted travel site like Orbitz (NYSE:OWW) or Expedia (NASDAQ:EXPE), there are usually experienced and friendly customer service reps who will help you find the best rental for your family.
  5. Technology: Whether you own an Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) MacBook or a laptop from Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) or other PC manufacturer, you can probably use it at your vacation rental as most places some with Wi-Fi.
  6. They’re Everywhere: There are rentals available in almost all metropolitan areas and tourist destinations.
  7. Cost Effective: Prices of vacation rentals are often comparable with hotel costs — especially if you factor in savings from cooking some of your own meals. Also, many properties are large enough to share with friends, which will also save you some money.
  8. Privacy: Vacation rentals oftentimes come with private balconies and entrances. Some even come with their own grills, pools and hot tubs.
  9. Entertainment Options: Vacation rentals are often located near many entertainment spots and have a few amenities of their own like free game and movie rentals, special events for guests and other fun options.
  10. Safety: Many rentals offer stringent security measures like gated entrances, guards and exclusive security codes.

Head on over to The Mom Creative to read five more benefits of vacation rentals.

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