10 Best-Paying Jobs For Women 2012


The reasons behind the wage gap between men an women are hotly debated, but two facts are clear:

  1. The gap is not a myth: Annual earnings for full-time, year-round women workers in 2010 was $36,931 compared to men’s $47,715, according to Catalyst.
  2. The gap is narrowing: During the past three decades, women’s median income rose more than 63%.

And while few women (and men) reel in paychecks as big as Yahoo‘s (NASDAQ:YHOO) Marissa Mayer, more and more women are excelling in health care, technology, science, finance and business sectors. Some fields have been kinder to women’s salaries than others. Forbes recently used research from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to compile a list of the 20 best-paying jobs for women in 2012.

Here’s a look at the top 10 best-paying careers for women and the approximate median annual income women earn for each profession.

  1. Pharmacist:$99,000
  2. Lawyer: $85,000
  3. Computer and Information Systems Manager: $80,000
  4. Physician and Surgeon: $79,000
  5. Chief Executive: $76,000
  6. Nurse Practitioner: $74,000
  7. Software Developer: $72,000
  8. Operations Research Analyst: $69,000
  9. Human Resources Manager: $66,000
  10. Psychologist: $65,000

You can find out what other careers made the list at Forbes.com.

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