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Netflix Adds Warner Bros. Shows to Roster

'The West Wing,' 'Fringe' and others will soon to be available


Netflix NFLXStreaming-video service Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) has inked a deal with Time Warner (NYSE:TWX) that brings several Warner Bros. shows to Netflix subscribers.

The deal allows Netflix to stream complete seasons of the shows within months of the season’s end. The deal also includes one show, The Following, that won’t premier for another few weeks.

These eight shows are covered under the agreement:

  • The West Wing: Starring Martin Sheen as the president, it covers the political and policy moves in a fictional version of The White House.
  • Revolution: This post-apocalyptic show centers on world where, for unknown reasons, electricity has ceased to function. The Matheson family has to learn to cope with the new world and learn what caused the disaster.
  • Political Animals: This miniseries stars Sigourney Weaver as a former First Lady who becomes Secretary of State and tries to keep her children happy.
  • Longmire: A crime drama based on the mystery stories of Craig Johnson, it centers on the challenges a Wyoming sheriff named Walt Longmire faces following his wife’s death.
  • 666 Park Avenue: This supernatural drama series details how the tenants of a fictional Manhattan apartment building learn the hidden secrets of the building and its owners.
  • Chuck: A spy series with both drama and comedy stylings. The show focuses on the title character who has had America’s spy secrets encoded into his brain.
  • Fringe: A science-fiction series created by J.J. Abrams, it follows a team of FBI investigators as they search for answers about paranormal cases and other strange happenings.
  • The Following: Yet to actually appear on Fox, The Following is about an FBI agent who finds himself embedded in a network of serial killers.

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