Pew Study: Teens Leaving FB for Twitter

In case you weren’t aware, Facebook (FB) is starting to look more and more like its soooo last year.

The latest proof? A Pew Reseach Center study, released Tuesday.

Interviews with 800 teens showed that many are growing tired of the social platform’s drama, inane details and swarms of adult profiles. According to TechHive, the researchers added: “The stress of needing to manage their reputation on Facebook also contributes to the lack of enthusiasm.”

Facebook shouldn’t be too concerned necessarily, though, considering a popular alternative is a photo-sharing site the company recently snatched up: Instagram. Plus most teens remain active on Facebook despite such disdain, as it’s still “an important part of overall teen socializing,” according to the study.

Then again, unenthused users is hardly the goal of any company. And Instagram sure isn’t making Facebook — or its investors — any money.

Plus, many teens instead opt for Twitter — a company that could hit the markets in the near future — which is definitely bad news for Zuck’s site. Almost a quarter of teens who are online used the site in 2012, while on 16% did in 2011.

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