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Marijuana News: Legalizing Weed May Lead to More Potent Pot

Pot potency has increased over the years


Legalizing weed could lead to pot becoming more potent.

legalizing-weed-marijuana-newsA recent study has discovered that when weed –specifically medical marijuana– becomes legalized, potency of pot in the area increases by .5%. The study also found that pot at retail locations became 1% more potent. The study suggests that policymakers should take these findings into account when weighing in on legalizing weed, reports Science Direct.

The study was conducted by examining levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in 39,000 illegal marijuana samples that were seized in the United States. THC is the most psychoactive ingredient in weed.

Eric Sevigny, an author of the study, ponders the effects of legalizing weed.

“Under a legal regime, will marijuana become even more potent,” Sevigny asks Quartz. “Is the quality going to be uniformly superior?”

According to PolitiFact, pot has become more potent over the years. In 1993, THC levels in weed were around 3%. However, THC levels in pot from 2008 were closer to 9%.

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