PlayStation Plus Free Games for May 2014

PS Plus members will have access to six games including 'Limbo'

By Karl Utermohlen, InvestorPlace Writer

Sony (SNE) releases several PlayStation Plus free games every month as a way of rewarding its loyal Plus subscribers.

PlayStation Plus Free GamesThe company is releasing five PS Plus Free Games next month and there’s plenty of variety there. May’s selection includes recognizable titles such as Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 and classics such as Limbo.

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PlayStation Plus Free Games: Stick it to the Man!

PlayStation Plus Free Games PlayStation 4This PlayStation 4 offering is one of the coolest puzzle video games out there.

Stick it to the Man! is the result of an accident that gave hat tester Ray superpowers that allow him to change the world around him. You can use his new abilities to solve puzzles and avoid getting caught for a crime he didn’t commit.

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PlayStation Plus Free Games: Puppeteer

PlayStation Plus Free Games
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Puppeteer is a PlayStation 3 video game that will be available to PS Plus members in May.

The game consists of a young boy getting kidnapped by an evil lord and taken to a castle. After the lord devours the boy, the boy needs to use a pair of scissors to battle his way back home.

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PlayStation Plus Free Games: Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

PlayStation Plus Free Games
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The new Pro Evolution Game was released for PS3 last year.

This Konami creation is one of the best football games in the world at the moment. Often compared to the FIFA series from EA, PES is slightly different but just as realistic.

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PlayStation Plus Free Games: Skullgirls Encore

PlayStation Plus Free Games
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Encore is an update to the popular fighting game Skullgirls.

This PlayStation 3 video game is an extremely fast-paced and entertaining 2-D fighting game. You can play in plenty of modes in this Skullgirls update which includes new music, worlds and more.

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PlayStation Plus Free Games: Surge Deluxe

PlayStation Plus Free Games
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Surge Deluxe is a PS Vita game that everyone should check out.

This block-matching puzzle game is unique, electrifying and it requires plenty of dexterity and strategy. The Deluxe version is an upgrade to the original Surge, offering more options for single- and multi-player.

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PlayStation Plus Free Games: Limbo

PlayStation Plus Free Games
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Limbo is a minimalistic game that has terrified and enchanted millions.

This platform game consists of a boy called Limbo who’s on the edge of hell and has to escape. This black-and-white game uses dim lighting, film grain effects and ambient sounds to create an eerie atmosphere.

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