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Buybacks All Day – Morning Linkfest (May 29)

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You can make the argument that stocks are beginning to feel a bit overvalued here lately. Especially considering that the bull market is about five years old and there has been some recent negative economic news. So who exactly is buying all those shares and pushing the market higher? It’s … uh, the companies themselves. Hurray, buybacks. Here’s “Tyler Durden” at Zero Hedge with more.

USA Today (Matt Krantz): Of course, these companies are buying up each other, too. And they haven’t been nice about it. The barbarians are at the gate.

Pension Partners (Charlie Bilello): Speaking of that uneasiness in the markets, a history lesson could be order. It’s back to the future … or 2007.

Bloomberg (Matt Robinson): Electric-vehicle maker Tesla Motors (TSLA) is junk. Well, its bonds are, anyway.

Vox (Danielle Kurtzleben): Don’t get too excited about that housing rebound. Three charts to crush the hope.

The Reformed Broker (Josh Brown): Be careful when your broker pushes that liquid alternatives fund. You might just lose a lot … to fees and shoddy performance.

Howard Lindzon: Contain the worry, turn off the idiot box and journal your way to happiness & profits.

Dealbook (Michael J. De La Merced): Hillshire (HSH) to buy Pinnacle (PF), or will Pilgrim’s Pride (PPC) do the buying? The feathers are flying at the chicken coop.

MarketWatch: … Or will it be Tyson Foods (TSN) doing the buying?

Morningstar (Russel Kinnel): You can boost your mutual funds returns using one weird trick. Spoiler: It has to do with fees.

Businessweek (Mary Childs): If you’re waiting for an iShares-branded triple-leveraged or short ETF to go along with your core ETF holdings, don’t hold your breath.

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