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5 Lifehacks Your Cat Can Haz

Potty train your cat with the Litter Kwitter


What lifehacks can your cat haz?


Lolcats have been around since since the 1870s when Harry Pointer began taking pictures of his cats in amusing poses and fitting captions. The Internet has made the popularity of lolcats skyrocket since the 2007 “I Can Haz Cheezburger?” meme which has evolved into a whole subsection of the Internet dedicated to our furry friends.

If you’re looking to make life better for yourself and your cat, check out these tips and tricks that we’ve compiled including a new way of potty training your pet.

Make your cat the greatest cat of all the interwebs with these lifehacks for cats.


5. Lifehacks for Cats – Surf the Web With Your Cat

Source: Flickr

Your feline friend is already an expert at tracking down mice but can they use a mouse?

One of the coolest lifehacks you can teach your cat is how to use the Internet. Spend some quality time with your cat this year by sharing some laughs over the latest YouTube craze or introducing it to your extremely time consuming hobby of editing Wikipedia pages.

Kittens can make you feel better about binge watching Netflix instead of writing that paper you haven’t actually started yet but they can also help you focus. When a man and a cat put their hands and paws together, there is no telling how much they can achieve.

Finish the first chapter of that novel you’ve been working on with a cup of coffee in hand and your furry friend on your lap. And don’t be afraid to share those Kodak moments with your friends!


4. Lifehacks for Cats – Have a Nice Dinner With Your Cat

No Friday night date? No problem.

There are many ways to show a special someone how much you care about them but there’s nothing quite as heartfelt as a homemade meal. Create your own dinner for two with your cat using their favorite brand of cat food or get even fancier and make them a creative dish of your own.

Cats can’t properly digest most human foods so make sure you take care of your kittie without letting them indulge in delicious foods that could be deadly to to them. Animal Planet has a list of human foods that animals can eat including vegetables, cheese and fish.

In a lot of ways, taking care of a pet is like a beginner’s course to raising a child. Give your cats the special meal they deserve every now and then to show them how much you love them.

And take a picture of the special occasion so you can brag about your awesome relationship to the rest of the world.


3. Lifehacks for Cats – Potty Train Your Cat

Source: Flickr

Have you heard of Litter Kwitter?

If you answered no, then your world’s about to be rocked. A product designed to potty train cats is now a reality and it is awesome.

Let’s face it–cats aren’t exactly the cleanest or most considerate animals in the world, especially when it comes to their droppings. The Litter Kitter is a great way to avoid the mess and bad smell that kitties cause around the house or even in their litter boxes.

This faux litter box fits inside most toilet seats, tricking your cat into believing that your toilet is an actual litter box. The product has a whole in the middle which makes it easy for cats to do their business without leaving a mess.

When speaking of potty-trained cats, it’s hard to not think about Meet the Parents‘ iconic cat Jinxy who was even capable of flushing a toilet after using it.

Oh yea, and make sure you share your cat’s success on YouTube if you’re feeling victorious.


2. Lifehacks for Cats – Workout Time

Source: Wikipedia

Have you ever gone on a run with your cat?

Most people haven’t but there are still plenty of ways to give your furry friend some exercise. There’s no reason why you should let your cat turn into a little meatball even if you love pampering it with homemade tuna salad.

The aptly named website has a not-so-comprehensive but extremely fun guide to working out with your cat. From abs to chest to biceps, cats can help you workout every part of your body while being a part of the experience themselves

Cats also have a tendency to wander when they’re out in the real world but that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Go to a controlled and relatively remote environment like the beach and give your cat a taste of life outside of the house.

Keep y our cat fit while having fun and make sure you capture the whole experience.


1. Lifehacks for Cats – Cats Can Be Your Best Friends

Source: Flickr

Dogs have a reputation for being extremely loyal but what about cats?

Tara the hero cat has been one of the year’s most touching stories. In case you’re not familiar with it, a cat named Tara saved a 4-year-old boy as a dog was attacking him.

The cat made all the headlines last month but the real story might be the fact that Tara has been guarding the young boy since his crib days.

Cats are very nimble and they can be quite aggressive under certain circumstances but the heroic tale of Tara proves that these small, furry creatures can save your life.

Always treat your kitten with plenty of love and respect and they’ll be sure to keep a lookout for you. And who knows–maybe one day they’ll save your life and you can tell the whole world about it.

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