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4 Ways to Get In on Israel’s Innovation

Israeli stocks have great histories and great futures

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When people think of countries that are always at the forefront of innovation, the ones that often come to mind are Japan and the United States. You might not expect Israel to be high on the list, but companies in technology, healthcare, and telecommunications are the heart and soul of the Israeli economy, and their products have gone global.

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More than 100 Israeli stocks trade in the United States, but it’s important to note that political unrest often sends the Israeli stock market into a panic. It’s unfortunate that investors get so nervous considering the country’s resiliency, but the result is that great stocks offer great value during selloffs that are not company-driven.

I think all of the following stocks are worth considering. And it’s worth mentioning that there are also great benefits that come with diversifying your portfolio into international stocks, not just ETFs. Average investors are often fearful of individual international stocks because of the irrational notion that other developed countries aren’t as stable. That can be true on a case-by-case basis, and I’d be more wary of undeveloped country stocks, but with Israel, the businesses are well-managed and well-in-hand.

Here are four Israeli investments worth considering:

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