Best Christmas Gifts for Dad in 2014


If you’re hunting for the best Christmas gifts for dad this year, you’ve come to the right place.


Dads can be tricky when it comes to gifts, because you don’t want to just get your old man another tie for him to add to the pile. Instead, you want to find the perfect balance of personalization and practicality.

That’s why we’re here.

We’ve done some digging and uncovered the very best Christmas gifts for dads — ones that are sure to result in a smile on Christmas morning. And don’t worry, we know that no two dads are the same. Whether your dad’s a sports lover, food lover, TV lover or family lover, these Christmas gifts are solid bets.

Take a look!

Best Christmas Gifts for Dad — Tickets

christmas-gifts-for-dadWhen it comes to Christmas gifts, I’m a firm believer in buying experiences as opposed to things. That’s why a set of tickets to a sporting event, concert, comedian or some other form of entertainment is sure to please this holiday season.

Maybe pops wants to take a buddy or maybe he wants to take your mom or maybe he’ll even bring you — but no matter what, giving him a night out on the town is one of the best Christmas gifts for dads all around. It shouldn’t be hard, with just a little research, to find that perfect evening for him in 2015.

Then just stick it in a card, add a personal note, and you’re set!

Best Christmas Gifts for Dad — His Favorite Collection


Next up on our list of the best Christmas gifts for dad is another idea that can be personalized depending on your dad’s individual taste. Maybe your dad’s a movie fan, maybe he’s a classic TV lover, maybe he prefers some classic rock.

Either way, do some online searching and you’ll be sure to find an impressive collection to put under the tree Christmas morning. For sports lovers, try something like the complete collection of ESPN’s 30 for 30. And for television fans, find all the seasons of dad’s favorite show.

Whatever he’s into, your gift will give him the perfect way to spend Christmas morning and the few days after — it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Best Christmas Gifts for Dad — Cool Gadgets


Source: DJI

Finally, one of the best Christmas gifts for dad is one that makes him feel like a kid again. Remember when you were a kid and all the presents you opened on Christmas day were awesome because you could take them out and play with them right away?

Then we grow up and those fun toys turn into clothes and appliances, and there’s a little less excitement.

By getting your dad a cool new gadget — like a new tablet or the hottest smartphone — he’ll have something to unwrap, open and play with all morning! Plus, you’ll keep him hip and can earn some major brownie points by showing him how to download popular apps like Candy Crush.

Another example of a gift that keeps on giving — and another reason it’s on our list of the best Christmas gifts for dads!

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