Friday Apple Rumors: iPhone 7 Survives Water, Drop & Bend Tests

Leading the Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) rumor mill today is news of iPhone 7 water tests. Today, we’ll look at that and other Apple Rumors for Wednesday.

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iPhone 7 Water Tests: Apple fans that have already got their hands on the iPhone 7 are putting it through water tests, reports MacRumors. Several different YouTube users have been posting water tests online. One user submerged the new smartphone in water, coffee and cola. Each time it came out working just fine. Another user took it to a beach and put it under ocean water for a short period. This iPhone 7 also continued to work. However, the most impressive is the iPhone 7 that iFixit has been running underwater for a almost three hours as part of a live stream.

iPhone 7 Drop Tests: iPhone 7 owners are also putting their devices through drop tests to see how much they can handle, AppleInsider notes. One owner performed two different tests to see how it handled being dropped. The first had them dropping it from about face level. The second test had it dropped from a person’s arms stretched as high as they could. The iPhone 7 survived both tests with a few scuffs to the shell and some small hairline cracks on the screen.

iPhone 7 Bend Tests: iPhone 7 owners are testing just how bend resistant the new smartphone is, reports BGR. A bend test of the device found that it doesn’t bend in the same way as the iPhone 6 does. However, it did note that the adhesive around the screen may break. This could result in water damage if the smartphone is submerged after having been bent. Other tests include scratching the screen and shell. The smartphone is fine when put up against keys, but can’t stop scratches from a blade. Also, the display can survive short exposure to an open flame.

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