Spotify is Testing Adding ‘Sponsored Songs’ to Users’ Playlists

Spotify is testing out a new featured called “Sponsored Songs.”

Spotify is Testing Adding 'Sponsored Songs' to Users' PlaylistsAs the name implies, Spotify’s Sponsored Songs feature makes it so that labels can promote songs by adding them to users’ playlists. The songs will show up without notifying the user, but will stick out when viewed in the app.

The idea behind the Sponsored Songs feature is that Spotify can make more money from labels that want to get their artists’ songs out there. The feature looks to match Sponsored Songs with playlists of similar music. Ideally, users will hear the song and save it to their library.

The Sponsored Songs feature are set to target users that are on Spotify’s free tier. This tier doesn’t bring in as much money because it is only supported by ads. The Sponsored Songs could be a solution to this that helps the company as it moves closer to an initial public offering, reports Tech Crunch.

Spotify users that aren’t happy with Sponsored Songs can choose to avoid them. This can be done by going to “Display Options” and finding “Show sponsored songs.” This option is automatically on, but users can chose to turn it off. The option has even been sighted by users that are part of the music streaming company’s premium membership.

It’ll be interesting to see how Spotify customers react to the new Sponsored Songs feature. Too much negative blow back from users may result in it its removal. It also may not stick around too long if labels aren’t willing to pay for it.


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