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Pokemon Go Legendary Creatures: How to Capture Zapdos

You can only get it until Aug. 14


The list of Pokemon Go legendary creatures continues to grow.

Pokemon Go
Source: Nintendo

The latest one of the bunch is Zapdos, a lightning bird from the original 151 Pokemon that is among the most beloved and coveted creatures out there. In the game, the bird will be available for about a week as you can only catch it until Aug. 14.

If you want to capture a Zapdos, you must attend one of the legendary Raid Battles, which occur periodically each day. There’s no way of anticipating when these will take place as they are on a random schedule, so make sure you check your phone constantly to see which gyms close to you have Raid Battle timers.

In some legendary Pokemon Go fights, Zapdos will make an appearance and you’ll have a chance at catching it. In order to access one of these, you’ll need a Raid Battle pass to gain access to a battle against Zapdos.

Your party can be relatively large as up to 20 players can join forces to engage in a battle with a legendary Pokemon. It’ll be tough to capture a Zapdos by yourself or even a small group, so the more, the merrier.

Advanced-level players will have the best shot at capturing it. Much like in the original Pokemon games, you’ll need a creature that can handle the power level of Zapdos, such as a Golem, Tyranitar or Rhydon as these are all strong, rock Pokemon, making them resistant to lightning attacks.

Using the Premier ball — one of the best Pokeballs out there — is key to catching Zapdos once it’s weakened.

Moltres and Articuno are no longer available, but Lugia still is, so you still have a chance to catch two legendary bird Pokemon.

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