Medical Marijuana in Ohio: List of Who Won Grow Licenses

Medical marijuana has passed in Ohio, with only a select few growers granted the opportunity to sell the plant for medical purposes in the state.

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All in all, 12 large growers have been allowed to grow medical marijuana in the Eastern state, including the following:

The state also created a list of the 24 companies that will be allowed to produce medicinal crops under a new system that will go live by September. Ohio’s Department of Commerce issued these licenses, which was not granted to one applicant who plans on challenging the selection process..

“Our legal experts have uncovered several fatal flaws, and more are expected to be uncovered,” CannAscend CEO Jimmy Gould said in a statement. He added that he plans to discuss his concerns at a Friday press conference.

Ohio is the 25th state to legalize the plant for medicinal purposes, and the state reportedly passed the law following counterproductive laws in Illinois and Montana to ban marijuana.

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