Autumnal Equinox 2018: When Is the First Day of Fall?

It lands on September 22, about two and a half weeks away

The autumnal equinox 2018 is happening later this month, consisting of a celestial event that marks the first day of fall.

Autumnal equinox 2018

The end of summer is near so enjoy those drinks by the pool and family barbecues as much as you can before the leaves begin falling and the weather starts cooling down. The autumnal equinox 2018 will land on September 22, which is only two and a half weeks away at this point.

The day, also known as the September equinox, is the moment in which the Sun appears to cross the celestial equator as it is moving downwards. This will see the sun leave the Northern hemisphere, which is why the U.S. gets colder, while the Southern hemisphere will get warmer around this time.

September 22 will be the first official day of fall, which means that the days will get shorter and shorter with each passing day. The day and night will not be the exact same length during the autumnal equinox, but they will be pretty close in length.

Fall is also one of the most exciting times in U.S. sports because baseball starts drawing to a close while the NFL, NHL and NBA kick off. Plus, the MLS will also head towards the home stretch, marking the only time of the year where every major sport is in season.

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