Most Popular Halloween Costumes 2018: 10 Predictions

No one knows for sure what the most popular Halloween costumes 2018 list will consist of, but we have some idea of what people will be interested in.

Most Popular Halloween Costumes 2018

According to Pinterest, this is who people want to dress up as this coming Halloween, from most popular to least popular:

  1. Tonya Harding: The popularity of I, Tonya created a resurgence in Tonya Harding’s popularity, who won and lost the hearts of so many Americans.
  2. ‘Riverdale’ Actor: This is one of the biggest teen shows right now and people want to dress up as a character from this show this year.
  3. A ’90s Icon: Who doesn’t love the ’90s? The decade’s popularity has returned in recent years and many want to dress up as either Britney Spears or a Backstreet Boy this year.
  4. A Warrior of WakandaBlack Panther was one of the biggest movies of the year and everyone wants to be a Wakanda warrior this year.
  5. A Flamingo: This is one of the most popular animals to dress up as every year.
  6. Edna Mode: With the release of the new Incredibles movie, everyone wants to be Edna Mode.
  7. Dancing Queen: With the new ABBA-inspired Mamma Mia movie, who doesn’t want to be this year’s dancing queen?
  8. A Cosmic Fairy: They’re magical, I suppose?
  9. Frida Kahlo: The Mexican artist’s work is timeless.
  10. A Cow: Mooooo.

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