Government Shutdown 2019: 6 Ways It Could Affect You

Air safety may be lower over the course of the shutdown

The government shutdown 2019 has now been ongoing for three weeks due to the Republicans and Democrats in the House being unable to come to an agreement regarding funding for the border wall that President Trump wants to place between the U.S. and Mexico.

Government Shutdown 2019
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Here are six ways the shutdown could affect you:

  • Airport Workers: Air traffic controllers and TSA workers have been calling in sick because they’re being asked to work without pay. The former are essential to the safety of a flight.
  • Food Workers: About 40% of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s staff has been placed on furlough, which means that food inspections may not be as thorough as usual.
  • Immigration Courts: The government shutdown 2019 has led to immigration courts closing down, meaning that the backlog is even larger than before.
  • Federal Courts: While federal workers are still working at the moment, the money to fund their wages will run out by Jan. 18 if the furlough continues. However, criminal cases are expected to continue as usual.
  • Tax Refund: If the shutdown continues through late January or early February, tax refunds may be delayed this year as the IRS will begin processing tax filings in the middle of January.
  • Coast Guard: While the Coast Guard is being paid now, it is unclear if they will receive a check on Jan. 15 if the furlough continues.

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