6.5x Your Money in 3 Days

Matt McCall’s latest marijuana winner just went 6.5x. If you want your own overnight success story it’s time to act

The alarm goes off …

You kiss your significant other, pet the dog, then shuffle to the coffee machine as your brain slowly comes to life.

A few minutes later, you’re at the computer. Nothing big in the headlines … the usual emails coming in.

It’s been a few days since you looked at your portfolio, so you open your account …

… and that’s when your morning changes. Something looks off.

The numbers are different — significantly different.

Suddenly, you’re very-much awake. Confused, but awake. It appears you’re looking at a different portfolio. Your net asset value is way higher than it was just days ago. This has to be a mistake.

You scan your positions to identify what’s changed, and then you see it …

One of your marijuana stocks has exploded 6.5x in value … in three days.

That $25,000 you put in is now worth more than $160,000.

As the reality of this gain begins to sink in, other thoughts come to mind …

That European vacation you wanted? Pack your bags. The new car you were fantasizing about? Time to visit the dealer. The unexpected medical bill? Paid with money to spare.

This isn’t a fantasy. It’s what happened earlier this week for Matt McCall’s Investment Opportunities subscribers.


***The “Nostradamus of Marijuana” does it again

Matt McCall is InvestorPlace’s resident marijuana expert. Over the past many months, he’s led his Investment Opportunities subscribers to huge gains with select marijuana stocks, leading to the nickname “The Nostradamus of Marijuana.”

There’s Turning Point Brands, up nearly 50% as I write … Elixinol Global, up 90% … and Innovative Industrial Properties, up more than 300%.

This week, Matt did it again — on a huge scale.

The story begins back in January, when Matt recommended his subscribers buy a small stock called MTech. Matt’s reason for investing was a bit different. You see, he was looking for an ancillary play on the marijuana industry — a company that does not touch the plant or have a retail operation.

This is what we refer to as a “picks and shovels” play. Matt is a believer in the investing concept that companies which support fast-growing industries are often the biggest winners.

MTech was what’s known as a SPAC (a Special Purpose Acquisition Corporation). A SPAC is a publicly traded vehicle that has raised money to invest in a specific type of business. And in this case, MTech was investing in marijuana technology.

MTech was merging with a company called MJ Freeway — the largest global cannabis technology company. It provides clients with management tracking throughout the entire cannabis lifecycle. The new, merged company would be named Akerna.

Matt’s investment thesis was simple: he believed MTech was horribly undervalued, and that after the merger occurred, Wall Street would wake up, leading to major institutional dollars flooding in.

From Matt, back in January:

Remember that MTech already trades on the Nasdaq. Once this deal is done and Wall Street starts to look deeper into the newly formed company, it will receive more investor attention. The fact that it can be bought and sold on a major stock exchange such as the Nasdaq makes it available to big funds. I expect some big research firms will start to initiate coverage pretty quickly.

***MTech was sleepy for the next few months, until this week …

On Monday, Matt sent subscribers this alert …

We got some good news today that we’ve been waiting for.

The merger between MTech Acquisition (MTEC) and MJ Freeway is now complete. Beginning tomorrow, the Nasdaq-listed stock will trade with a new name and symbol. As you may recall, the new company will be Akerna, and the stock will trade under the symbol “KERN.”

After providing a bit more information, Matt ended by making one last effort to get his subscribers into position …

If you own the stock, enjoy the nice gains and hold on for more. If you don’t, buy KERN if it happens to dip under $10.75.

Matt’s official entry price for the Investment Opportunities portfolio was $10.06. And any subscribers who acted on Matt’s suggestion woke up to a different portfolio yesterday morning.

Here’s why …

As you can see, Akerna exploded in value. Matt has guided his subscribers over the last two days, suggesting selling quarter positions at various points to lock in gains.

One of those recommendations came when Akerna topped $65 per share.

Given a $10.07 entry price, that’s roughly a 6.5x return.

A huge congratulations to Matt’s subscribers who made a great call with MTech. It’s just another success story in what’s becoming a lengthy list of Matt McCall winners.

***Why there’s urgency if you want to have your own MTech success story

I believe it’s important to stress a point …

This isn’t going to last.

Yes, legalized marijuana is a long-term trend that’s going to create trillions of dollars of investment wealth over the coming decades — there’s no denying that.

But the stage we’re in now, when companies are exploding 6.5x in value in a matter of hours, these days are limited.

Every five-to-eight years or so, a window of explosive wealth creation happens in some market around the world. It’s generally due to a new technology, or a radical business trend, or perhaps a structural change such as new legislation or a 180-degree political about-face that opens up a new market.

During this brief window of time, the traditional rules of wealth creation don’t apply. Slow-and-steady does not always win the race. You can generate vast wealth at incredible rates. Instead of your stocks climbing 15% in a year, they gain 80%. Dividends don’t generate $1,000 a year, you get $8,000.

And yes, sometimes, you even make 400% in a day. Go to sleep with $100,000. Wake up with $500,000.

In the 1990s, it was the Internet and wireless communication. Vast riches made in short timeframes.

In the early 2000s, it was real estate … From 2002 – 2007, it was commodities … In 2017, it was cryptocurrencies.

In all of these examples, the wealth creation was enormous and fast. Retirement were made. Lives were changed.

Today, it’s happening again with legalized marijuana.

I reached out to Matt for his take, and here’s how he described it:

We are in the midst of one of the biggest investment trends of our lifetime with cannabis. Luckily for you we are in the early stages and there are years of gains ahead. Consider that the U.S. have not even legalized cannabis yet. That will be an ultimate game changer.

All that being said, in the midst of a long-term trend there will be opportunities to make quick big gains. Akerna is a great example. Even take Innovative Industrial Properties, which is now a 4-bagger in less than a year!

But here’s what important to realize — these brief windows of explosive wealth creation always close. And you never know exactly when the final days will come.

That means you have to take advantage of them while you can. If you don’t, other investors will.

Would you rather have the “problem” of paying taxes on $675,000 in capital gains, or listening to your neighbor brag about his $675,000 payday as he pulls out of his driveway in a new Porsche?

But let’s scale it down. At a 6.5x return, even a small investment can produce gains that make your day.

Below is a screenshot from someone here at InvestorPlace who’s integral to bringing you these daily Digests (on that note, thanks so much for your help every day!). She sent me the below email yesterday morning, and gave me permission to pass it along …

We’re still in the window of the explosive wealth creation with marijuana. If you missed internet stocks, or bitcoin, don’t miss this one.

Have a good evening,

Jeff Remsburg

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