Bubble Tea News: Undigested Boba Pearls Cause Blockage in Teen Girl

The teenager was unable to have a bowel movement for five days

In the latest bubble tea news, a teen girl ended up in the hospital with blockage in her digestion, which doctors later found to be caused by undigested boba pearls.

Bubble Tea NewsChina teenager Zhu Li was not able to have a bowel movement for five days, which landed her in the hospital. Her doctor scanned her stomach and found that there were hundreds of undigested tapioca balls from bubble tea that were clogging her GI tract, per The Sun.

Bubble tea is a cold drink that is popular in China, made of iced tea, sweetened milk, as well as sweet black balls that are also known as “pearls,” which are made from tapioca. Li said that she only had one cup of bubble tea before her blockage happened, although the doctor believes this is not the case.

“So many undigested tapioca balls can’t all be from just one cup,” the doctor said said. “She must’ve had quite a few over a short period.” He Yuling, who is the chief of the emergency department where Li was treated, said that tapioca is very hard to digest, plus “some companies add thickeners to them such as gelatin to make the balls more ‘al dente,” he added.

Yuling added that “drinking too much bubble tea can easily lead to gastrointestinal dysfunction.” Keep that in mind next time you try some bubble tea.

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