CRISPR Has the Potential to Cure Cancer and Make You Triple-Digit Gains

If we get a correction, CRISPR Therapeutics is a solid long-term addition to your portfolio

Would you like to earn triple-digit gains while helping cure cancer?

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Pretty good, right?

Cancer is the second-biggest killer in the U.S. Last year, more than 600,000 Americans died from the disease. (Heart disease is the No. 1 killer.)

But what if there was something you could do about it? And what if that something also made you triple-digit profits?

Jeff Brown followers had the chance to do just that…

Jeff is our tech expert here at Legacy Research. And as we showed you last week, he picked the top-performing stock in the S&P 500 in 2016…

And again in 2018…

And he’s on track to do it once again in 2019.

And it’s all down to his ability to get ahead of some of the world’s most profitable tech trends…

That includes the lucrative biotech market…

In October 2016, Jeff issued a recommendation to subscribers of our Exponential Tech Investor advisory.

It’s a company that’s joined the battle against cancer (among several other killer diseases) with a revolutionary new therapy.

Since then, it’s up 303% in the model portfolio. That makes it a true Hall of Fame trade.

If you’re a paid-up subscriber who acted on this recommendation, congratulations.

But don’t worry if you missed it. As I’ll show you in today’s dispatch, the revolution in medicine I’m talking about is still in its infancy. That means there’s still plenty of opportunity to profit over the coming years.

I’m talking about CRISPR (NASDAQ:CRSP) genome editing…

Our mission at The Daily Cut is simple. We identify the profit trends shaping the market ahead of the crowd, so you have the maximum opportunity to profit in your portfolio.

And many of the trends with the highest profit potential are happening in disruptive new technologies. For instance, 5G wireless technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and self-driving vehicles.

And CRISPR genome editing is one of the tech trends Jeff is most excited about. To say it’s disruptive is an understatement. It allows scientists to edit our genome – our complete set of DNA. Here’s Jeff with more…

CRISPR is like a software development platform for “hacking” plant, animal, and human genomes – their complete sets of DNA. It’s a way to program the genome and remove the “bugs” – or mutations.

Think about that for a moment…

Using CRISPR, a doctor can improve your genes… and as a result, your health… just as a computer programmer can improve a piece of software.

Without getting too deep in the weeds, CRISPR can “cut” an unhealthy segment of someone’s genome and “paste” in a new, healthy segment.

And our genome determines everything about us – from what we look like… to how smart we are… to what diseases we’re prone to… to how long we’ll live.

The potential of this technology to radically alter what it means to be human is still hard to fathom.

It’s why Jeff calls CRISPR the “God Key.” It gives us godlike powers over our bodies.

One area that Jeff has homed in on is “personalized medicine”…

Up to now, when you went to your doctor… and he prescribed you a pill… you got the same pill as everyone else.

Drug companies made medicines in identical batches. They spent millions making sure each pill was exactly the same as the others.

But these days, you can take cells from a patient’s body… edit them… and use them as a basis for personalized therapies…

…that is to say, therapies designed just for you.

That’s what CRISPR Therapeutics (CRSP) is working on right now with cancer patients…

It’s the company I told you about earlier that’s up more than 300% in the Exponential Tech Investor model portfolio.

And it’s no wonder, when you consider what it’s doing to help cure cancer. Let me explain…

Our bodies produce a type of white blood cell called T cells. These attack cancer cells in our bodies. But cancer cells use several tricks to evade T cells.

CRISPR Therapeutics is working on a therapy that extracts T cells and edits them… so that they do a better job of hunting down and killing cancer cells.

Normally, this is done by extracting T cells from a cancer sufferer and spending weeks making a tailored therapy for that individual patient.

But that takes time… something many cancer sufferers don’t have much of.

So CRISPR Therapeutics is working on an alternative method of extracting and editing T cells from healthy donors that doctors can give to cancer patients immediately.

Cancer is just one disease CRISPR Therapeutics has in its sights…

It’s also joined the fight against type 1 diabetes. This is rarer than type 2 diabetes. But it still affects 20 million people around the world.

Type 1 patients rely on insulin shots all their lives. They don’t have cells in the pancreas that naturally produce this critical hormone.

It’s possible to transplant healthy insulin-producing cells from a donor into a diabetes sufferer. But their immune system typically kicks out the foreign cells.

That’s where CRISPR Therapeutics comes in. It’s creating edited cells that produce insulin, but lack a gene responsible for inciting an immune system attack.

And so far, the results are encouraging. Jeff…

The day after we published our September issue of Exponential Tech Investor, CRISPR Therapeutics presented positive data on its regenerative medicine program targeting type 1 diabetes.

The data led the company’s CEO, Dr. Samarth Kulkarni, to conclude that the combination of regenerative medicine and genetic editing has vast potential for treating common chronic disorders such as diabetes.

And the company has already cured a patient of beta thalassemia. It’s a genetically inherited blood disease that leaves people dependent on blood transfusions all their lives.

Jeff had CRISPR Therapeutics on his watch list before it went public…

At Exponential Tech Investor, Jeff looks for small- and micro-cap tech stocks with explosive growth potential.

That means he often recommends companies with bleeding-edge tech right before they list their shares on a public exchange for the first time.

That’s what he did with CRISPR Therapeutics.

He first put the company on his subscribers’ radars in June 2016 as part of his “Venture Elite Hotlist.” It’s a group of 19 tech companies Jeff determined had high chances of going public within the next two years.

Four months later, the company listed its shares on the Nasdaq. And Jeff positioned his subscribers to pull the trigger two days before shares first became available to the public.

Right now, CRISPR Therapeutics is above Jeff’s buy-up-to price…

This stock is trading at about $58 at writing. Jeff’s recommended buy-up-to price is $42.

But CRISPR Therapeutics is a great addition to your stock wish list. If we get a correction in the stock market, this will make a great long-term addition to your portfolio.

And if you want more targeted biotech stock picks, we have you covered.

Jeff’s newest advisory, Early Stage Trader, is focused on uncovering the smallest and most explosive companies in that sector. Right now, there are nine biotech stocks in the portfolio, including eight that are working genetic therapies.

To find out how to get access, check out Jeff’s Accelerated Profits Summit.



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November 18, 2019
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