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Remark Stock Is a Strong Play on Vital Thermal Imaging Technology

Investors seeking to pigeonhole Remark Holdings (NASDAQ:MARK) will have some difficulty as the company is quite diverse. Traders can use MARK stock to take a position in artificial intelligence, thermal imaging and scanning and/or facial recognition technology.

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Given the impact of the novel coronavirus, however, MARK stock’s most obvious angle will be temperature scanning and imaging. Many businesses want to know if people in the vicinity may be carriers of the coronavirus. Therefore, scanning and imaging technology could potentially be lifesaving.

InvestorPlace contributor Larry Ramer called MARK stock “multi-dimensional” and that’s an excellent way to describe the company’s appeal. Yet, it’s the imaging/scanning angle that sets Remark Holdings apart and enhances the stock’s value proposition.

MARK Stock at a Glance

With this stock, we can look back and see a story of struggle and triumph. Consider how a year ago, MARK stock bulls struggled to get the share price above $1 and keep it there. And by the middle of April, even breaking through 50 cents proved to be a challenge.

Then came the onset of the coronavirus and the robust demand for scanning and imaging products. With that came a massive spike in MARK stock’s trading volume as well as a surge in the share price. It only took roughly a month for MARK to trade at the $3.40 level.

The share price has backed away from that level since late May, but the sub-$1 days appear to be behind us now. That being said, there’s no room for the bulls to be complacent. Nor can Remark Holdings afford to rest easy as innovation is a battle that must be fought continually.

Going All In

While Remark Holdings has a diverse approach to its tech-infused offerings, specializing may be the company’s key to success going forward. Thus, when Remark Holdings launched a new website, RemarkThermal.com, the company seemed to be making a statement. And the statement is that Remark Holdings is ready and willing to declare its specialty.

One can’t really blame Remark Holdings for going all in on temperature scanning and imagining technology. The demand for novel solutions in this niche market isn’t likely to diminish anytime soon. A wide array of businesses undoubtedly want to prioritize prevention as a means of managing the spread of Covid-19.

Remark Holdings Chairman and CEO Kai-Shing Tao elaborates on how the company’s thermal cameras can do much more than basic temperature scanning: “Our proprietary AI software enables monitoring various tasks including people counting, PPE enforcement such as mask wearing, social distancing compliance, contactless access to doors and gates, attendance management, touchless employee check in, object counts, behavior detection, intelligent surveillance and theft control.”

Powerful Advancements

And so, we have diversification and specialization at the same time. If one suite of software can perform that many functions, Remark Holdings should have little difficulty in earning and maintaining a sizable share of this niche market.

If innovation is the cornerstone of continued success for technology companies, then Remark Holdings’ success is practically assured. What the company’s artificial-intelligence-enhanced products are able to achieve is truly impressive.

Moreover, these advancements are applicable to high-need areas pertaining to Covid-19. In a recent conference call, Tao explains how Remark Holdings’ artificial intelligence goes above and beyond the usual standard of temperature scanning: “Our AI helps to quickly differentiate the different people and the temperatures rather than just seeing blobs of red … we are able to quickly track a season when a guest walks through the door and quickly find the most accurate part on the face to take the temperature.”

Additionally, Tao asserts that Remark Holdings’ mass temperature scanning software can achieve 99% accuracy in scanning at a rate of more than 120 people per minute. For an admittedly “multi-dimensional” company, Remark Holdings is indeed pushing the boundaries in this high-need niche area.

The Final Word

A position in MARK stock is a unique way to capitalize on the emerging field of Covid-19 scanning and imaging technology. Investors should look forward to more innovation and, perhaps, increasing specialization from Remark Holdings.

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