A 20X Return from … Documentaries?

One home-run investment.

Sometimes, that’s all it takes to transform a portfolio.

A stock that soars 1,000% or more can offset more than a few ho-hum returns. It also happens to be thrilling as you watch returns pile up, day-after-day, month-after-month.

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Regular readers know that the 10X Team had amassed an astonishing track record when we profiled the service here in the Digest about a month ago. However, with the 10X service only three months old at that point, its existence had only seen “up” months from the market.

As you know, last month was rather painful. So, how did that impact the 10X team’s overall returns?

From their update last week:

Even in a down market, we’ve continued to deliver to your inbox — every single day — high-quality, small-cap stocks that have scored huge returns.

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In other words, we keep knocking it out of the ballpark.

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In The Daily 10X, we invest in innovation … and nothing stops innovation.

In today’s Digest, let’s give you a sneak peek at an actual 10X issue. As you’ll see, they’re short-and-sweet, touching the highlights of the opportunity, then letting you get on with your day.

This latest opportunity is a way to make potentially 20X returns from what the 10X Team calls the “Netflix of Documentaries.”

If you’re looking for stocks that have the potential to turn into that one, huge homerun, then The Daily 10X Stock Report is for you.

Have a good weekend,

Jeff Remsburg


Score 20X Returns with The Emerging “Netflix of Documentaries”

By Luke Lango and the Daily 10X Team


It’s an interesting concept which rings true in many circles.

Sports leagues. Poker. Elections.

But not consumer supermarkets — or markets that are so big with so many niches, it’s simply impossible for one company to singularly dominate every aspect of it.

Case-in-point: e-commerce.

Amazon pioneered the concept of e-commerce in the 1990s, and has since become the world’s largest e-commerce platform with a $1.6 trillion market cap.

But in its wake, Amazon has created a burgeoning e-commerce category in which many smaller players are thriving in their own niches.

Wayfair — the “Amazon of home goods” — is a $30 billion company with a stock price that’s soared 1,100% since its 2014 IPO …

Etsy — the “Amazon of arts and crafts” — is a $16 billion company with a stock price that’s soared 775% since its 2015 IPO …

Carvana — the “Amazon of used cars” — is a $42 billion company with a stock price that’s soared 1,350% since its 2017 IPO.

Get the point?

Consumer supermarkets are so big with so many niches that one player doesn’t dominate the whole market — instead, there’s one Batman, and multiple Robins.

The streaming TV consumer supermarket — which is about 10 years behind the e-commerce market — will play out no differently.

That is … just as multiple “mini-Amazons” emerged and scored investors huge returns in the e-commerce boom of the 2010s … multiple mini versions of Netflix will emerge and score investors huge returns in the streaming TV boom of the 2020s.

In today’s edition of The Daily 10X, we will tell you about one of these emerging streaming platforms, which could score you 20X returns as it turns into the “Netflix of Documentaries” in the 2020s.

A Companion Streaming Platform to Meet Huge & Growing Consumer Demand for Factual Programming

Did you know that 64 million of us watched the Netflix documentary The Tiger King this year?

Or that 75% of Netflix subscribers watch at least one documentary every year?

Or that 40% of consumers watch at least two documentaries per month? And 51% of Gen X’ers watch more than 10 documentaries per month?

Those are huge numbers. And they underscore the reality that consumers have an enormous appetite for documentaries.

To help meet that demand, the Discovery Channel’s original founder — John Hendricks — departed from his $28 billion media empire in 2014 to join forces with his daughter and launch CuriosityStream (CURI): a direct-to-consumer streaming platform built exclusively for factual programming.

Just as Chewy turned into the Amazon of pet supplies and Wayfair turned into the Amazon of home goods, CuriosityStream will turn into the Netflix of documentaries.

That bull thesis breaks down into two parts.

One, the Netflix of documentaries will emerge and it will be a big thing.

That’s because demand is huge and growing, while creating supply to meet that demand requires specialization (making a documentary involves very different mechanics than making a movie or TV show).

Sure, Netflix has had some big documentary hits. So has Amazon. But for the foreseeable future, they will continue to produce no more than a few grand slam documentaries every year — meaning there will be tons of room for another platform to fill in the gaps between those infrequent hits.

Two, if anyone does turn into the Netflix of documentaries, it will be CuriosityStream.

The company is the industry’s first-mover.

CuriosityStream has been around since 2015, and already has over 13 million global subscribers as well as a robust content portfolio that is unmatched in the space.

CuriosityStream is also supported by top-tier leadership.

In the documentary industry, when Hendricks calls, you answer. His clout is unrivaled, and his experience and reputation will help CuriosityStream build on its early leadership through more valuable content additions.

Plus, the streaming platform’s economic pricing is a huge value prop.

CuriosityStream sells for about $3 per month. That is industry-low pricing, which is enabled by industry-low production costs (you don’t have to pay animals to act) and creates an attractive value prop in a world where consumers will be bundling multiple streaming services (and where you can gain on-demand access to thousands of high-quality documentaries for less than the price of Big Mac).

On that bundling note, CuriosityStream also has well-established and broad distribution.

The service is already available as an “up-sell” option on various streaming platforms — like Amazon Prime Video — and this up-sell provides high visibility to it becoming a companion service for existing Amazon or Apple TV subs who simply want to watch more documentaries.

So … in a nutshell:

1. The Netflix of documentaries will emerge in the 2020s.

2. Such a platform will be big.

3. CuriosityStream will very likely be that platform.

And yet, CuriosityStream has a market cap of just $500 million today, following its merger with blank-check company Software Acquisition Group (SAQN).

Netflix is a $220 billion company.

CuriosityStream will never get that big. Not even close. But my numbers do suggest that CuriosityStream has a visible and realistic opportunity to fetch a $10 billion valuation one day as it turns into a mini-Netflix.

That represents 20X upside potential — meaning that CuriosityStream stock should absolutely be on your radar today.




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