As Wars Go Asymmetric, CrowdStrike Stock Rounds Out an Investor’s Arsenal

Among the growing number of contrarian opinions regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine is that eventually, the situation will right itself organically. If anything, you can buy shares of cybersecurity specialist CrowdStrike (NASDAQ:CRWD), watch CRWD stock swing higher, pocket some profits and go have a cheeseburger.

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If only it were that simple.

In my assessment, the unwarranted, unnecessary bloodshed that’s occurring in Ukraine is modern-day Stalingrad, the eastern front of the European theater of World War II that changed the course of world history. Today, right now, global democracy hangs in the balance.

Americans simply don’t understand. This crisis isn’t just about Ukraine. If the breadbasket of Europe falls, it is likely only a matter of time before China takes Taiwan. Indeed, while the world watched Russia strike Ukraine under completely false pretenses, China sent warplanes to the breakaway island.


Recently, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security warned citizens — before armed hostilities began — that U.S. organizations at all levels may face cyber threats. Just that thought alone is enough to make people consider loading up on CRWD stock (or other cybersecurity names, for that matter.)

What’s more, we’re probably not talking about exposing government officials for watching certain inappropriate material. No, the cyberattacks of today could very well disrupt or perhaps cripple key infrastructures. It’s happened before, notably with the Colonial Pipeline breach, so it can happen again, thus cynically boding well for CRWD stock.

CRWD Stock at the Heart of the Crisis

Back in 2013, Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, stated that particularly devastating cyberattacks do not necessarily force the U.S. to respond in kind with a cyberattack.

“[T]here is an assumption out there, I think, and I would like to disabuse you of it, that a cyber attack that had destructive effects would be met by a cyber response…That’s not necessarily the case… And I think that what the president of the United States would insist upon, actually, is that he had the options and the freedom of movement to decide what kind of response we would employ.”

What should really pique your interest — both for CRWD stock and as a broader national security concern — is what Gen. Dempsey stated next. “And that’s why I say I don’t want to have necessarily a narrow conversation about what constitutes war in cyber, because the response could actually be in… one of the other traditional domains.”

As western powers impose sanction after sanction — even the global sporting world is penalizing Russia — it seems merely a formality that the Kremlin will launch its own painful response.

It’s the prevention of such cyberattacks — and thus, the prevention of analog warfare — that is currently driving the fundamental case for CRWD stock.

More Serious Than You Think

As we eat our cheeseburgers and paint blue-and-yellow stripes on our faces in solidarity with Ukrainians, we should be so lucky that there are people actually fighting for freedom. Something tells me that in the future, the world will owe Ukraine a debt of gratitude.

I point these severe historical realities for a reason: the Russians will almost surely not engage with us with kiddie gloves. If they decide to hit us, they’ll probably swing hard. But that’s also why CRWD stock is so vital.

If CrowdStrike — or any company of its ilk — can stop a devastating breach, it might just prevent an all-out war.

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