Multiple Promising Treatments Accentuate the Bull Case for Sunshine Biopharma

  • Sunshine Biopharma (SBFM) stock has pulled back sharply from its recent peak price.
  • The company recently issued important clinical results concerning Sunshine Biopharma’s anti-cancer therapeutics program.
  • Investors should take a close look at Sunshine Biopharma as Wall Street doesn’t seem to appreciate the company’s clinical progress.
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Headquartered in the greater Montreal, Canada, area, Sunshine Biopharma (NASDAQ:SBFM) specializes in developing anti-cancer and anti-viral drugs. SBFM stock could be an under-appreciated gem because Sunshine Biopharma is producing potentially game-changing scientific results.

Investing in biopharmaceutical stocks isn’t always easy. Research is the key — not only for the companies themselves, but for the investors too as convincing clinical results are just as important as an ambitious vision.

As we’ll see, both the buyers and the sellers have benefited from the swift moves in SBFM stock over the past month. Long-term shareholders, on the other hand, will need to expect some volatility as this is the norm in the world of low-priced biopharmaceutical stocks.

Fortunately, Sunshine Biopharma should impress prospective investors with its science-backed treatments for multiple conditions. There’s definitely room for the company to grow, and for Sunshine Biopharma’s investors to build their high-conviction biopharmaceutical stock portfolio.

SBFM Sunshine Biopharma $4.0100

What’s Happening with SBFM Stock?

After having traded below $3 for a while, SBFM stock shot up to $9.87 in early April. This was a tremendous rally, but it wasn’t destined to last very long.

Before April was over, the Sunshine Biopharma share price retraced back to $3 and change. Could the stock be re-loading for another swift run-up?

It’s certainly possible, and even if SBFM returns to $6 or $7, that would represent an excellent return on investment. It’s not always easy to be a contrarian, but as they say, no risk means no reward.

Perhaps Wall Street just doesn’t appreciate the bullish thesis for the Sunshine Biopharma. For one thing, the company recently announced the closing of a private placement valued at $8 million. Clearly, this should provide Sunshine Biopharma with a sizable capital infusion.

Second, the company disclosed that two of Sunshine Biopharma’s mRNA molecules are, according to clinical study results, effective at destroying culture-grown cancer cells.

Sunshine Biopharma’s new mRNA molecules demonstrated effectiveness against a variety of types of cancer cells, and are “readily adaptable for delivery into patients using the mRNA vaccine technology,” the company stated.

It’s the Right Drug

The findings concerning Sunshine Biopharma’s new mRNA molecules are certainly exciting. We can all hope that the company’s ongoing battle against different types of cancer will prove to be successful.

Yet, Sunshine Biopharma’s treatments don’t exclusively target cancer cells. The company also has a Covid-19 treatment candidate called SBFM-PL4. In connection with this drug program, Sunshine Biopharma has a research collaboration agreement with the University of Arizona.

Camille Sebaaly, Sunshine Biopharma’s chief financial officer, recently clarified the company’s ambitions in regard to its Covid-19 treatment program:

“Our plan is to deliver a drug that it’s suitable for almost everybody. And with all these coronaviruses that are surfacing, and there is one — Omicron XE — that is very hard for a patient to cope with. We believe our PLpro is extremely good for that, and we believe that it’s the right drug.”

“PLpro” is short for papain-like protease. As Sunshine Biopharma explains, “It is believed that PLpro is responsible for the enhanced pathogenicity of the Betacoronaviruses. Our COVID-19 Treatment is an inhibitor of PLpro.”

It’s an intriguing approach to Covid-19 treatment, and there’s no denying Sebaaly’s conviction in Sunshine Biopharma’s audacious anti-viral program.

What You Can Do Now

If the investment community doesn’t fully appreciate SBFM stock’s upside potential, that’s perfectly fine. It’s just an opportunity to grab some shares at an attractive price point.

Meanwhile, Sunshine Biopharma isn’t going to stop working diligently on its clinical programs. By relentlessly targeting cancer cells and infectious diseases, Sunshine Biopharma offers hope to patients as well as value to the company’s loyal investors.

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