Brad Kenagy

I have been investing since the fall of 2008 and invested through one of the most difficult investing periods in history. Because of that experience, I know the importance of diversification, dividend growth and stability, and to always have a plan in place should circumstances change.

Recent Articles

Slowing AWS Revenue Growth Is Dragging Amazon Stock Down

Amazon Web Services growth has been slowing, and for the first time fell below the 10% year-over-year growth mark in the third quarter.

Interested in Chesapeake Energy Stock? Consider CHK’s Bonds First.

Shares of Chesapeake stock have fallen significantly. In cases like CHK, the best course of action is to examine the bonds.

BP Stock Is Not the Best Value in the Energy Sector

Investors are attracted to the energy sector because of high yields. After examining BP, I do not believe the stock presents a good value.

This Is Why Advanced Micro Devices Stock Is Due for a Pullback

AMD stock has performed very well over the past couple months. Now it's at levels that show it is technically overbought.

Shopify Stock Should Be a Household Name

Strong growth continued for Shopify during the third quarter and the business is set to continue growing at a substantial pace.