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About Burke Speaker

Burke Speaker has been a journalist, writer and editor for the past 12 years, having worked at newspapers and magazines along the East Coast. His past writing has covered everything from health to business and finance to travel, the last of which he explores at TheTravellier.com.

Recent Articles

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Facebook (FB) is apologizing after conducting a 'mood' experiment on users that affected what some 700,000 saw in their news feeds.

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Amazon (AMZN) has landed an exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom, Samsung's new smartphone.

AAPL: Apple CEO Tim Cook Marches in Gay Pride Parade

Days after being pegged as gay on a news program, Apple (AAPL) CEO Tim Cook marched in San Francisco's gay pride parade with gay and lesbian Apple workers.

FB News: Are Teens Really Fleeing Facebook?

Ignore the rumors you may have heard: A new report shows that teens are not leaving Facebook (FB).

AMZN: Amazon Signs Exclusive Streaming Deal With Drafthouse Films

Retail giant Amazon (AMZN) has signed an exclusive deal for the streaming rights for Drafthouse Films -- which produces popular indie films.