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Burke Speaker has been a journalist, writer and editor for the past 12 years, having worked at newspapers and magazines along the East Coast. His past writing has covered everything from health to business and finance to travel, the last of which he explores at TheTravellier.com.

Recent Articles

AAPL: Users Complain Constant Crashes Make Apple Podcasts App Unusable

Bad news for an Apple (AAPL) debut: The Apple Podcasts app is consistently crashing for many users, rendering it useless.

FB News: Burglar Checks Facebook at Victim’s Home, Forgets to Log Out

A Minnesota burglar has been arrested after breaking into a house, logging on to Facebook (FB), then forgetting to log out after he left.

AAPL: Apple Phablet Production to Reportedly Start in July

Apple (AAPL) begins production of a 5.5-inch “phablet” iPhone 6 model in July -- with a smaller 4.7-inch iPhone version that both will launch in September.

Angela Ahrendts at Apple: 3 Things to Know About the New AAPL Retail Chief

Apple (AAPL) has welcomed aboard Angela Ahrendts as the new AAPL retail chief, but what exactly do we know about her?

AMZN, TWX: Amazon Ends Halt on Warner Bros. DVD Pre-Orders

Amazon (AMZN) has ended a hold on Warner Bros. DVD pre-orders, as it begins patching up a pricing dispute that started last month.