Divya Premkumar

Divya Premkumar

Divya is a writer and analyst with a degree in Finance from the University of Houston, Texas. Her biggest strengths are her natural curiosity and ability to view ideas through both a creative and strategic lens. She is an avid reader and enjoys writing on a variety of topics including trading, investing, socio-economic issues and global policy. In her spare time, Divya is either traveling or learning a new skill.

Recent Articles

There’s No Smooth Sailing For Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean's future looks bleak as the target reopening date for major cruise lines is pushed to mid-September. Avoid RCL stock for now.

Turbulence Ahead for American Airlines Stock as Cash Preservation Rules

American Airlines scrambles to raise cash and recoup its losses in the aftermath of the pandemic. However, the company's growing debt and high fixed costs are a drag on AAL stock.

Volatile DraftKings Stock Is Still Well-Poised For Success

In the competitive world of sports betting, DraftKings has proved to be a winner with a strong IPO and a new round of share sales that will enable them to gain a lion’s share of the market.

Chesapeake Energy and the Death of a Shale Pioneer

Chesapeake's stock prices have been on a rollercoaster this past week but the company's faced a number of issues through the years that led to its inevitable demise.

Microsoft Stock Will Dominate With Amplified Cloud Computing Strength

Tech giants like Microsoft are set to emerge from the pandemic stronger than ever. With a $1.5 trillion dollar valuation and increased demand for cloud computing, the race to $2 trillion lies ahead.