Nicolas Chahine

Nicolas Chahine

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ARK Invest Disruptive Methods Are Changing the Game

ARKK stock has been blazing trails eclipsing the S&P 500. Investing in it for the long term makes a ton of sense but with proper sizing.

Churchill Capital Stock Is a Pure Bet on the 1 Percenters

Buying CCIV stock now is a pure bet on future successes. The EV army is growing and Lucid Motors will be for the 1%'ers only.

3 Mega-Cap Stocks to Buy After Their Recent Struggles

The modern investor has very little fear, so dips in mega-cap stocks are buying opportunities. Here are three picks that will work now. Has Great Pedigree and Is Set for Better Days

AI stock is too young to buy with high conviction. It is in the right industry and has great leadership, so it is worth a risk.

Costco Is Cheap Enough to Own Through 2021

COST stock has shed enough froth that it makes for a good entry point soon. There is enough support near and below current prices.