Rohit Chhatwal

Rohit Chhatwal

About Rohit Chhatwal

Rohit Chhatwal has worked in the technology sector for over 4 years. This included working with industry stalwarts like IBM. He has done his MBA in finance and has been covering various blue-chip stocks for the past 5 years.
Having hands-on experience in the tech industry has helped him gain valuable insights on the ups and downs of this sector and predict winners and losers more accurately.

Recent Articles

Alibaba Stock Shows Strong Tailwinds from Subscriber Growth

BABA's paying subscribers increased by 47% from the year-ago quarter in its Youku segment. This is a sign of more growth to come.

Amazon’s Cloud Battle With Microsoft Weighs on AMZN Stock

Microsoft's Azure continues to gain market share from Amazon. This ongoing cloud battle is weighing on AMZN stock.

Amazon’s Home Robots Show Great Promise

Amazon stock is looking to launch its home robot, Vesta. This will have a number of useful functions and also boast of strong AI capability.

The Case for Amazon Stock Weakens With Declining Cloud Service Margins

Much of the valuation in Amazon depends on AWS. But operating margins in this segment are declining, which muddies the case for AMZN stock.

Is Amazon Stock or Apple Stock a Better Long-Term Bet?

AMZN stock has underperformed the broader market in 2019, however, it has advantages that make it a better long-term bet compared to Apple.